The Results Are In: Kentucky is Popular Among Hoops Stars

Alex Klinealmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Alex KlineAlex Kline
  The results are in, Kentucky is very popular among some of the top student athletes in the country. Recently, I put together a study on just how big the Kentucky Basketball program is. In this study, I would poll twenty high school basketball players from the classes of 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Five players from each grade were asked. Each player represented a different state. The five different states represented were California, New York, New Jersey, Texas and Florida. Each state has a fair amount of talent in the basketball world but no names would be a part of this report. As I calculated the results, I was not to surprised based on what I have heard. Here are some of the results: Is Kentucky your dream school? Out of the twenty people interviewed, eleven of them said that Kentucky was their dream school. Out of those eleven, eight of those players were freshmen or sophomores. Only one current senior said that his dream school was Kentucky. What do you like so much about Kentucky Basketball? Out of the twenty people interviewed, nineteen of twenty stated that the main reason was because of Coach John Calipari. Another person said his main reason was the history of the school and because it was local. Among other reasons provided for the strong liking to Kentucky; most said they thought the program would help get them to the next level, along with the atmosphere and spotlight. Is there anything you do not like about John Calipari or the Kentucky Basketball program? Out of the twenty people interviewed, zero of twenty stated that they disliked Coach Calipari or the program. One common complaint was that Kentucky had not began recruiting them (Tony Wroten was not interviewed). Do you believe that you will make the NBA if you play hoops at Kentucky? Out of the twenty people interviewed, ten of twenty stated that it would really make a factor. While this is not necessarily true, there have been a fair amount of players under Calipari who have been drafted in past few years. The rest of the panel said that although it would not be automatic lock, hard work along with attending Kentucky or any other big time basketball school would help them get to the next level. Did you like Kentucky as much as you do now before John Calipari and his staff came to Lexington? Out of the twenty people interviewed, two of twenty stated that they were big on Kentucky before Coach Cal and company arrived. While UK has a rich history, it is truly the coach who has made the difference in this case. These are facts. The following data was taken from some of the top players in the country. Do the math on this one. It makes perfect sense! Follow Alex Kline on Twitter & Check out his site.

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