The Return of American Gladiators

The Return of American Gladiators

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
gladiators.jpg So did you watch it? While Tivoing the first episode of "The Wire" (so as to savor it later), I watched live the beginning of the Hulk Hogan-hosted American Gladiators. Some things were the same from my youth. The men were roided up and had hair that was ridiculous. The women were really scary big and could not be classified as hot, even by the Turkey Hunter. The events were ludicrous but funny (the Gladiator should never lose the "Joust", especially if it is there speciality). The contestants were not evenly matched, with each encounter being a rout. And this time, we got the added bonus of a woman tearing her ACL in the VERY FIRST EVENT EVER on the show. I am not a tv expert, but if I were planning the return of American Gladiators, I am not sure I would have a debilitating injury in the very first event I broadcast. But then again that is just me. Many times on the show there was talk of the "second season" of the show....ranging from when the woman went all Rebecca Lobo with her ACL and said she would be back next year to the announcement that the winner of the show gets to be a Gladiator next year. Here is a news flash for you folks. There will be no next year.....this is it. The Writer's strike will end and Laila Ali will be back waiting for the Celebrity Apprentice to call. So just enjoy it while it lasts....because if nothing else, we get to hear Hulk Hogan say "brother" a few more times before he dies.

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