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Look for Georgetown to take down 2 of the teams ahead of UK. So, Kentucky now finds itself at #4 in the AP poll, behind Kansas, Syracuse, and Villanova.  And while the overall #1 rank doesn't matter nearly as much as a #1 seed, it's still a badge of honor to be able to call yourself the top team in the country.  So, what is it going to take for UK to get back to #1?  Can we make a general guess on how long it might take if UK continues winning?  Well, here would be the great timeline: February 2nd Seton Hall at (2) Villanova (NOVA WINS) Providence at (3) Syracuse (CUSE WINS) Ole Miss at (4) Kentucky (UK WINS) February 3rd (1) Kansas at Colorado (KANSAS WINS) February 6th Nebraska at (1) Kansas (KANSAS WINS) (2) Villanova at (7) Georgetown (GEORGETOWN LIKELY WINS) (4) Kentucky at LSU (KENTUCKY WINS) February 7th (3) Syracuse at Cincinnati (50/50 game) So, after this week, it's likely that UK moves up to #3, if not #2 if Syracuse was to lose to Cincinnati. For the sake of argument, we will say that Syracuse beats Cinci. This means the rankings would then have Kansas, Syracuse, and Kentucky as the Top 3. ___________________________________________________ February 8th (1) Kansas at (10) Texas (LIKELY A TEXAS WIN) February 9th Alabama at (3) Kentucky (UK WINS) February 10th Connecticut at (2) Syarcuse (LIKELY CUSE WIN, BUT STILL DANGEROUS) February 13th Iowa St. at (1) Kansas (KANSAS WINS) (14) Tennessee at (3) Kentucky (TOSS-UP, BUT HARD TO SEE UK LOSING AT HOME) February 14th Louisville at (2) Syracuse (ANOTHER LIKELY CUSE WIN) So, after week 2, Kansas likely loses at Texas, and I have a feeling that Syracuse loses one of those 2 games. But again, just for the sake of argument, let's say the Cuse wins both of those games and UK beats Tennessee. _____________________________________________________ February 16th (2) Kentucky at Mississippi St. (TOUGH GAME FOR UK, TOSS-UP) February 18th (1) Syracuse at (7) Georgetown (GEORGETOWN WINS) February 20th (2) Kentucky at (20) Vanderbilt (AS SATURDAY SHOWED, VANDY DOESN'T HAVE THE TALENT, UK WINS) There is NO WAY that Syrcause gets through the gauntlet of at Cincinnati, UCONN, Louisville, and at Georgetown without a loss. And to me, if UK can get past Mississippi St, then #1 ranking will be back in the hands of the Cats in NO MORE than 3 weeks, if not 2.

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