The Saturday that Was....
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The Saturday that Was....

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
football_honored_sign1.jpeg Pretty entertaining day of college football yesterday even though the games werent the best lot. Here were the highlights from my end..... (1) It is not an exaggeration to say that Appalachian State's victory over Michigan represents one of the biggest upsets in college football history. However for those who truly follow college football, the notion that the game could be close wasnt ridiculous. Appalachian State is one of the two or three best teams in the (former) Division I-AA (the new names are silly) and has beaten I-A teams before (ok, Wake Forest, but you get my drift). So the notion that the game could be close wasnt bizarre. But it was bizarre that Michigan lost. I was watching the game at the tailgate with some guys from Corbin and as Appalachian State took a two touchdown lead one said, "Michigan will win this game....the favorite always comes back and wins games like this." And he was right.....the favorites do always win these games. But not yesterday. When Michigan scored and then picked off Appalachian State's first pass after the touchdown, you knew it was over. But then the Michigan Defense gave a up a game winning drive and the special teams allowed an absurd blocked field goal. Lloyd Carr will be job hunting at the end of this season if they dont win the Big 10 title.....and it will all be because of this school, which plays better football than it does produce promotional videos (thanks to a reader for the link). (2) Relatively good showing for the SEC yesterday. Three games against BCS opponents......won the two at home, lost the one on the road. Georgia looked good (thus justifying our lock of the week pick) in taking care of business between the hedges. Auburn did not look good, but did what was necessary to come back and beat Kansas St. And Tennessee......well Erik Ainge being hurt may not have mattered but someone needs to teach the folks on Rocky Top to play some defense. It could be a LOOOOONG year for the Vols if they cant learn to stop the run better than they did last night. Also interesting to watch South Carolina struggle a bit......The old Ball Coach needs to turn it up a bit. (3) This will be another long year in South Bend dontcha think? There is nothing better than betting against Notre Dame at the beginning of the season because they are the most consistently overvalued team in football. Right now they look absolutely dreadful on offense as they have three quarterbacks which together dont equal one. But the offense isnt the only problem.....lose 33-3 and your defense aint great either. Maybe Duke will get its first victory in two seasons in South Bend..... (4) Some good rivalry games that were a bit under the radar. Colorado took out Colorado State, thus allowing Dan Hawkins to not be beated down for his decision to start his son at quarterback. Missouri beat the 5 1/2 point spread (much to mine and Hubby's happiness) by taking out Ron Zook and the Illini 40-34. Both of these games were well played and entertaining and show why rivalry games are always entertaining no matter how bad the teams playing in them actually are. (5) Colt Brennan had 6 touchdown passes in the first half.....the folks in Hawaii are going to be putting up late night crazy numbers this year and Brennan may win the Heisman in the process. Check out a game if you get a chance. All in all, a good day yesterday.....more on the Kentucky game later

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