The SEC Up-Fronts for 2012

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Hello, Friends. If you're like us around the KSR compound, you watch a lot of TV. And not just sports, but other quality programming like Duck Dynasty and Tim Allen's hilarious smash hit Man of the House (he's the only guy in a house full of women!). And, if you like television as much as we all do, you're probably aware that in the last week all four major networks have put out their respective "up-fronts," which tip us all off to the new programming we'll see in the upcoming season. These up-fronts have yielded some early frontrunners, like Chicago Fire, about Chicago fires, or an NBC sitcom featuring Dane Cook which will be a delightful throwback to the halcyon days of 2004, when Dane Cook was last considered funny. But it should also be noted that the regional SEC networks which air our very own Wildcats will be trying their hands at original programming as well and have also released their up-fronts for the new TV season. Please enjoy then, today, SEC Up-Fronts, and discover what must-see television is coming our way in the new programming season. As always, I'm sure you'll hate it. And as always, have a great weekend, everyone. --------- So You Think You Can Blarge? Is it a block? Is it a charge? It's the NCAA's most confusing call -- and it's sweeping the conference, Watch as each week, contestants attempt to explain the confusing block/charge double-foul to a panel celebrity judges for the chance to win valuable money prizes...but what they don't know is that the judges don't know either! When the big reveal comes, there's sure to be egg on everyone's face -- and a completely ridiculous rule change still in the books to screw everything up! Forty Minutes of Hell Mike Anderson has it all: a loving wife, a great job with a reputable college sports team, a nice home. But when he goes to traffic court and a crazy judge orders his cantankerous mother-in-law to sit on the bench during every Arkansas Razorbacks home game, he's really going to be in a foul mood! He's laying out plays! She's riding across mid-court on a rascal scooter! He's arguing with refs! She's loudly calling in a hair appointment! Can they even get along? One thing's for sure: laughs will be in the bonus Tuesdays at 9:00! Basketball in the Dark You've never seen college basketball like this! Each week ten of the SEC's top players will gather to play what they think is a standard pick-up game -- until the lights go out! Operating only by sound and sense of touch, the superstar athletes will have to learn to work together to score points and net the prize. And wait till you see what happens in Round 2, when beanbags and ladders are introduced onto the court. Sure, they can play basketball -- but can they play Basketball in the Dark? Find out this fall! Sgt. Detective Commodore, M.E. When Devin Rawlings, an ex-soldier and Nashville police medical examiner moonlighting as a private eye, goes undercover at a major university as the men's basketball coach to uncover the truth about a series of murders of wealthy boosters, he finds the truth may point to a conspiracy which runs deeper than he ever thought. And did we even mention that a deceased billionaire's will names him the owner of a chain of successful barbecue restaurants and he can also see glimpses into the future? Because he can. From the producers of Georgia Dome Nights and University of Florida: Los Angeles and the writer of the emmy-winning Cuonzo Martin, DDS. Tigers by the Tail Tony Barbee is having a bad day. He's running late for work, his car just got dinged in rush hour, he spilled coffee on his pants, his shoes came untied and...he's the head coach of Auburn's men's basketball team! But when a magic ghost gives Tony the opportunity to do it all over, he'll have the chance to change the course of the university's history. As he turns the tables on glasses-stealing football coaches and prank-calling students, he just may turn Auburn basketball into something bigger than Auburn football -- the only catch is, he's a dog! Dr. Basketball Harry Hamlin (L.A. Law) plays Dr. Chad Basketball, the personal on-call doctor employed by Rupp Arena to tend to patrons during Kentucky basketball games. His kids are a handful and his ex-wife won't leave him alone, but that doesn't stop Chad from performing his job to the fullest -- and each night is a new adventure, from defibrillating lower arena fans to tending to gushing nosebleeds in section 234. Can he balance his family responsibilities with his work and still have time to woo compliance officer Sandy Bell? Recruits! A young basketball recruit (Nerlens Noel) moves into a wacky lodge with his new teammates (Archie Goodwin, Alex Poythress) and the trio maneuver the perils and pitfalls of balancing being average college students with being nationwide sports sensations. They are joined by a bungling butler (Alan Cutler) and rich, sexy cougar-next-door Mrs. Van Buxton (Karen Sypher) as they attempt to enjoy college with the state's eyes and expectations upon them. From the producers of Oh, Boogie! and Everybody Loves Dwight Perry, Wednesdays at 8:30. Projected seasons: 1

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