The SEC, Where Football Rules?

The SEC, Where Football Rules?

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Over the past few years, one of the most consistent storylines around college football has been the dominance of the South Eastern Conference.  It has been all but a given that the SEC champion plays for the National Title, and the loser of the championship game gets an At Large BCS bid.  And for the most part, the teams from God’s Conference have dominated in the post season. So what in the world is going on this bowl season?

As of this post the SEC sits at 2-2 in post season play, but only one of those wins was the kind that we’re used to as a conference.  Georgia dominated Texas A&M in the mediocre bowl, but Auburn was just barely able to edge out the mighty Northwestern in overtime.  Tennessee was dismantled by Virginia Tech, who scored 37 on the mighty D of the Volunteers. And of course, Kentucky lost to Clemson in a game that wasn’t as close as the final score indicated. Not to mention LSU is down six to the fighting geriatrics of Penn State. And of course, five minutes before this is scheduled to go up, LSU takes the lead in the fourth.  Sources are unable to confirm whether the cause is Paterno’s mid-afternoon nap.

So what’s going on with the SEC this year?  Well for one, our best teams haven’t played yet with Florida and Alabama, and I would be completely surprised if either one of them lost their bowl.  Other than that, it’s hard to decipher what happened to the conference this post season.  However, much discussion was made during the bowl selection about how most of our teams could have ended up in any bowl game, so it begs the question as to what would have happened with a few different match ups.  The likelihood is that things wouldn’t be too much different, but you never know.

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