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In case you missed it, we were fortunate enough to be joined by Seth Davis of CBS Sports (sorry if you are a fan of Seth Davis, fast drummer) for our weekly LiveBlog. A number of things were discussed regarding Kentucky and college basketball in general, but here a few of the highlights in case you missed it, Matt Jones: Lets begin with an easy one....give us your take on the UK team this season and its tournament possibilities Seth Davis: Well, obviously they need to have Patterson back and healthy. My understanding is that he will probably play tomorrow. If they win, I think they'll be in good shape. But this is a brutal part of their schedule coming up. If they want to prove they are tourney worthy, they'll have their chance. [Comment From Josh] Would you care to talk about your comments made on Bomani Jones radio show? about UK and the fans? Seth Davis: I believe I was responding to a particular sound bite from Matt. I try not to generalize. My take is, if you truly believe your team is superior to another team, then you don't need to say it. Matt Jones: Seth a lot of folks....well ok me....wondered about your comment that Kentucky was "tired of losing" to Duke.....but in the two big games since 1992, they were split Seth Davis: I was at the '98 game, and it was one of the most amazing comebacks I had ever seen. Like I said, if your team is better, then why do they need you to say it? Kentucky is arguably the most storied, most prestitious, most successful college basketball program ever. I don't think it needs defending. [Comment From Jodie Meeks] Am i the best shooter in the nation? Seth Davis: Jodie, you should be resting for the Vols, not talking to me!! I dont know if you're quite the best shooter in the country, but you're certainly the best shooter-scorer in the country. First team All-American, for sure!!!!!!!!! [Comment From patrick patterson] am i ready for the pro game? Seth Davis: Your body and game was made for the pros, Patrick. But I'll try not to say that too loudly because I know the folks in Lexington want you around for another two years. Matt Jones: I think it probably goes without saying that there is a great deal of anti-Duke hatred out there.....and you along, with Bilas, Feinsten and others are in the media and went there. Do you understand why folks hate Duke....and if so, do you think its valid? Seth Davis: Do you hate Syracuse because Bob Costas, Marv Albert, Sean McDonough, Ian Eagle and a billion other sportscasters went there? I guess I don't follow the logic. There are plenty of reasons to hate me, Bilas and Feinstein that have nothing to do with where we went to college. [Comment From ukfanii jim] Do you think GIllispie can Get UK back to the top ten? Seth Davis: I'd like to say yes, Jim, but if anything I think the program is about to take a step back. If Meeks and Patterson turn pro, I'm not sure what is left. I think Billy will get you there eventually (and sooner than later), but probably not within the next two years. [Comment From NashvilleCats] Do you think the SEC is as bad as it seems or just too young? Seth Davis: There is no doubt this is a down year for the SEC, and yes, being young has a lot to do with it. I don't think there's much to it beyond that. These things go in cycles, and everyone knows the league won't stay down for long. Matt Jones: As far as the Duke question thats not what I meant. Duke is hyped in the media incessantly....its players are put in the McDonalds game when they shouldnt be (a la Taylor King) and generally are praised as the gold standard in college basketball....with all games they play on national television. You have Mike Patrick and Dicky V screaming about how great the program is in eveyr game. Do you think there is a "Duke media bias" or is that just the creation of all fan bases that arent Duke? Seth Davis: Is Duke on national TV more than Kentucky? Do they have more McDonalds All Americans? I don't think so. Dickie V is plenty passionate when he comes to Rupp, too. If you don't like what your'e watching, I suppose you could always change the channel. Matt Jones: Duke is on national tv more than Kentucky.....and there is no bigger Duke homer than Mike PAtrick....and yes they have INFINITELY more Mcdonalds players than Kentucky.....but I digress Matt Jones: How would you rank the college basketball programs historically Matt Jones: top 5 maybe? Seth Davis: That's a great question, Matt. I think you have to start with Kansas. Their first coach was James Frickin Naismith! Then I'd go Kentucky 2, North Carolina 3, UCLA 4 and Indiana 5. Can y'all live with that? Matt Jones:  Kansas???? Matt Jones: They have 3 titles in history.....the third last year Matt Jones: Kentucky, Carolina and UCLA each have a case for #1.....but Kansas? Seth Davis: You asked what was the best program historically, not who had the most titles. [Comment From Teabagger] Maybe he means the rock group Kansas. Seth Davis: Carry on Wayward Son! [Comment From Aminu Timberlake] So do you think your boy Xian Laetner should have been kicked out for bruising my sternum? Seth Davis: Did Laettner step on you, Aminu? Funny, I don't recall. [Comment From Tenacious D] How many games can UK afford to lose and still get into the tourney? Seth Davis: Given what Kentucky has done, what they have left, and what else is going on out there, I think they need to finish 9-7 in the SEC to feel good. They might still get a bid at 8-8 but they'd have to acquit themselves well in the tourney. Like a coach says, take it out of the ref's hands! In this case, the "ref" is the committee. Seth Davis: Before I shamelessly pimp-- er, plug -- my book, let me just say in all seriousness that I LOVE Kentucky fans. Truly. There is no more passionate fan base anywhere. When I go to a game at Rupp, I don't feel like I'm at a game, I feel like I'm at an event. And this blog has been fun.

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