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silk-boxers-card-fan Be careful.  This is the environment scheduling has forced you to enter tomorrow.  Don't say we didn't warn you. - If you're one of the millions that has become smitten with Twitter, you no doubt saw a debate being waged this morning about the greatest rivalry in college sports.  Not one to be restricted to 140 characters, our buddy Matt Jones wrote a column on CBS about why this Bluegrass rivalry is the nation's best.  Make sure you read it and leave comments.  We don't want him coming back. - Rick Pitino's announcement about Rakeem Buckles was probably the biggest nugget of the day, but Coach Cal also met with the media prior earlier and talked about the intensity of the rivalry.  Cal again spent time downplaying the impact of the game, saying that they're approaching it like any other and that "every game we play is someone's Super Bowl".   However, Cal did acknowledge that, while the staff is not going to make this game out to be bigger than any others, the players will feel it as soon as the enter the arena.  Kentucky's head man said that he hopes things the game on the court is "vicious", but "clean" before adding that he expects the Louisville crowd to "have a nice cheer for me".  - On the subject of the gameplan, he does not plan to do anything different and that they're "going to shoot 30 3's" and if the Cats contest them and they make 17, they'll probably lose.  But, they're not going to change their gameplan just because Louisville is shooting the ball well.  - Calipari also said that while they won't change their approach for the game, he knows the intensity is going to be "crazy".  He said he expects a physical game full of "holds and pushes and shoves" and that his team better be able to rebound and finish around the rim.  DeAndre Liggins didn't sound too worried in saying, "We are going to be physical with the ball and breakdown our opponents on defense and offense and we will be fine."  - On the other side of the ball, Louisville's Chris Smith downplayed the game and had a similar confidence as Liggins.  The guard said that he expects things to be a little more calm because it's different guys from last year, but added that the Cards are a tough team and won't back down from anyone.  He also added that they just need to be dominant rebounding the ball and the Cards will be "alright".  - On a non-basketball note, Boyle County's Lamar Dawson won Mr. Football today.  Hopefully, he'll be wearing a blue tie to accept the award.  - In case you missed the show today, Kentucky Sports Radio featured the Turkey Hunter and talked about, well, I'm sure you can guess.  Here is the podcast: HOUR 1 HOUR 2  - Finally, we gave a shoutout to Terrence Jones' documentary yesterday, but accidentally overlooked Steve Masiello's return to television.  He'll be starring in a new season of Little People, Big World on TLC. masiello-little-poeple-big-world Go Cats.

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