The Squeaky Wheel Gets Greased

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
woman Proving the old adage that if a man wants something, he has to get his mother to come and yell and make it happen, Donald Russell will start for the Cats on Saturdayaccording to Joker Phillips. With both Derrick Locke and Raymond Sanders listed as gametime decisions, Russell has the starting nod to showcase that a "big back" can succeed in the new Joker Phillips system. Honestly Joker may have had little choice...with the injuries to Locke and Sanders, he is next in line. But it doesnt look good. Mama complains publicly and the next thing you know, he ends up on the field. I hope this doesn't set a precedent, and I will just go ahead and say it now...BTI, you better not have any family member speak publicly about anything. UPDATE: Just received this statement from Papa BTI: "Matt, I know that when my son started writing for your blog, you promised him many things.  Namely, the chance to reach that coveted 4PM timeslot on a daily basis.  Instead, he continues to linger in 10AM hell.  You have brought in writers like Drew Franklin and Thomas Beisner, who may be CONSIDERED funny, but certainly not as talented.  My son is the total package and humor, information, and ridicuocity.  And then he fumbles his post ONE TIME on Mike Hartline's performance, and he is just bumped right back to 10AM.  I know I speak for Chris Johns mom and Will Lentz's 2 gay fathers when I say you need to hold up your promises more.  Operation Ridiculous Manner my ass."  Starting tomorrow, BTI will hold the 2 PM timeslot. 

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