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Thank God there wasn't a wardrobe malfunction. BTI took the day off for a soccer scrimmage with Obama at Tubby Smith's house so I'll be navigating the Picks to Click ship this morning. It's a big day at the Franklin household as it's the first time I've been awake before 10 a.m. since quitting my hosting job at Denny's. This could be a recurring routine now that I know USA is still airing Walker Texas Ranger in the mornings. Anyway, on to the Super Bowl themed picks and you can click them if you desire. 1.) The Saints won the Super Bowl.  Drew Brees saved the city.  The hurricane is forgotten.  Phil Ivey is pissed. 2.) It's not Super Bowl weekend until a former pro athlete gets liquored up and choke-slams a hip-hop video vixen. This year, the NFL Network's Warren Sapp was arrested for battery.  I drew Cedric Benson in the "Who Will Get Arrested in Miami?" KSR office pool and really thought this would be the year I won. 3.) Spike TV had a D-List Celebrity flag football game featuring some great defensive stops by Tom Arnold and highlight reel catches by people from Lifetime movies.  As I watched the game (yes, I really did watch the game), I kept wondering how bored someone in Miami would have to be to sit in the crowd and why is Merril Hoge wearing a thong? 4.) Legendary head coach Jimmy Johnson is now a spokesman for ExtenZe male enhancement pills.  Johnson says: "Go long with EntenZe.  I do."  I refuse to put anymore research into this story. 5.) Peyton Manning threw the worst pass of his career at the worst time imaginable.  I haven't seen a late drive in Miami end so badly since Donte Stallworth left the nightclub. 6.) I was too busy stuffing my face with buffalo wings and drinking cheese dip through a straw to pay attention to the commercials but luckily there are about 16,789 websites with the best of the Super Bowl ads.  I'm disappointed that Kentucky Proud didn't put up the cash for a 30 second slot. 7.) Speaking of Super Bowl ads, Tim Tebow made his first and only Super Bowl appearance. (Worst. Commercial. Ever.):

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