The Tailgate Crowd Outside of LP Field is ROCKING

Nick Roushabout 8 years


Aritcle written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


Girls tailgating Some lovely ladies posing in front of the band playing at the legendary Bruce tailgate. #HopTown weird dude It's about 100 degrees outside, making this fan the most devoted in Nashville. IMG_20130831_140617 At least this guy knows how to stay cool. IMG_20130831_151711 I'm sure some inebriated fans would love some crackers right about meow. womens clinic The shades these fans got from the Women's Clinic may have broken, but that isn't going to stop them. hot chicks This picture says more than a thousand words. drew troop And you thought Drew was in New York. cat walk The Cat Walk was something to be proud of, if only I could have taken an aerial picture of the thousands gathered to support the team.     THE LIVE BLOG IS COMING. STAY TUNED!

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