The team explains their love of <em>Super Smash Bros.</em>

The team explains their love of <em>Super Smash Bros.</em>

Drew Franklinover 6 years


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super-smash-bros The players let the Kentucky Wildcats TV cameras into their hotel room Friday night in Louisville for a glimpse at the intense Super Smash Bros. battles that occupy them in their free time. Andrew Harrison said the game is good because it keeps their minds off of basketball when they're cooped up in the hotel. For fans, this is a reminder that these guys are still kids, carrying the weight of college basketball on their shoulders when they're not playing Nintendo 64. Things we learned from the video: -- Brian Long is the best -- EJ Floreal cheats -- Alex Poythress owns the Nintendo 64 -- Andrew Harrison is very excited about being the third best -- First and second place stay, third and fourth give up their controllers -- The ship helped EJ, of course Enjoy...

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