The tide continues to turn in Karl Towns' direction for the #1 pick

The tide continues to turn in Karl Towns' direction for the #1 pick

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USATSI_8483707_154849602_lowres During his weekly chat this afternoon, ESPN NBA guru Chad Ford said he believes Karl Towns is now the slight favorite for the #1 pick in June's draft:
I'd say, talking to NBA folks this weekend, that the a small majority of them now have Towns ranked ahead of Okafor which is why I made the chance to the Top 100 on Sunday. However, it doesn't mean he's the consensus No. 1 (yet). When you check out our Lottery Mock Draft, you'll see scenarios where Okafor is still the No. 1 pick. It's been that way for over a month however. They are different players, both elite prospects, and just fit differently on different teams. Scouts are praying that Kentucky and Duke meet in the NCAA Finals. To see them go head-to-head could determine who goes No. 1 overall, though I'm still a pretty firm believer that who's No. 1 between the two is pretty contextual.
Ford also said that while Andrew Harrison's stock is rising, his brother Aaron's is not. "Aaron's stock is still in pretty bad shape," Ford writes. "He hits big shots, but not every game is the March Madness and shooting guards who only real strength is shooting, need to hit every day three point shots with much more efficiency." Ford projects that Aaron will go late second round to undrafted. For more of Ford's insight, including where he thinks Trey Lyles will be drafted, head on over to the newly redesigned Worldwide Leader. [ESPN]

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