The Twin Towers will be Magnificent

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[caption id="attachment_119899" align="alignnone" width="425"] (h/t[/caption] Big Blue Madness is a show, not a competitive practice. You can't learn much from it, but you can finally see the players' athletic ability and potential. Nothing excited me more than watching our two new giants square off in the frontcourt. If they weren't on the same team, it would be a great rivalry to watch. I heard over and over the football coaches lament in the preseason the importance of competition, and the results it produces in developing talent. These two will go back and forth all season in practice. Last night wasn't a very intense scrimmage, but WC and Nerlens still brought it. WC took a pass while running the court and rose up on Nerlens. It was a filthy nasty dunk; one worth many ridiculous adjectives. If it was on another team, this site would relentlessly not stop making fun of them. How did Nerlens respond? Blocking WC's next shot attempt. Competition brought the best out of Terrence Jones last year (he didn't step it up, until he was forced to try after the IU game) and I expect the same out of these two. Coach Cal always gets raw talent, but big guys usually have the most work to do. They used to be able to dunk on any one they went up against, now they have to do actual post moves. Nerlens is very young (remember he reclassified) and WC still moves awkwardly. Good ole fashioned Coach Cal hard work, along with competition that will only increase as the season develops, expect to be amazed by a legendary UK frontcourt.  

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