The UK Football Bowl Scenario

Matt Jonesalmost 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
wilbon I must admit that I was starting to wonder what late December in Shreveport would be like. It want that I didnt believe the Cats could beat Georgia or was just that I was hardened to life without such wonderful achievements. Then the Cats went to Georgia and won, and now the Bowl lineup is way up in the air. Before the scenario was fairly certain...if the Cats won no more games, they were off to Shreveport and if they won 1 more, it was the Music City Bowl. Now it plays out a bit differently. So lets break it down: BEAT TENNESSEE: This is the easy scenario. If the Cats beat Tennessee, they will likely end up in Tampa for the Outback Bowl. An eight win Kentucky team would be ahead of virtually all teams in the pack, and only an Arkansas victory over LSU could conceivably throw a wrench in UK's plans. If the Cats beat the Vols, they head to Tampa on January 1 to play a Big Ten team, that looks likely to be Northwestern (hence the picture of Northwestern alum Micheal Wilbon above). If Arkansas were to beat LSU, then they too finish with 8 wins and the Outback could select the Hogs over the Cats, sending UK to the Peach Bowl in would all be the decision of the Outback officials. Generally though, it is assumed around the UK Athletics complex that if UK wins Saturday, they are headed to Tampa...and a game against some brainy Midwesterners awaits. LOSS TO TENNESSEE: Here is where its get complicated. Ole Miss is headed to the Capital One Bowl, assuming it beats Mississippi State. It is very likely that LSU is headed to the Cotton Bowl. If Tennessee beats Kentucky, then all of a sudden, you have Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky, all situated 7 wins and looking for a placement. The Outback is likely to take Tennessee in that scenario, and if Arkansas loses to LSU, then the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, probably takes Kentucky, likely to play the ACC Championship loser (Clemson again?). However if South Carolina were to upset Clemson or Auburn were to somehow beat Alabama, then all of a sudden those teams have seven wins as well. The Peach Bowl is under no obligation to take Kentucky over these schools and it is generally assumed that if that happens, one of those two schools would be picked over Kentucky. The Cats then slide a notch to the Music City/Liberty tier and because of a basketball conflict, the Music City Bowl becomes the destination....possibly against Boston College. Bottom line...if UK loses, Pull HARD for LSU, Alabama and Clemson. As you can see, the easiest scenario is also the best one. Beat Tennessee and head to Tampa to stay with Beisner and potentially play Northwestern on New Years Day. Lose, and it is either Atlanta or Nashville, but UK does not control its own destiny. It is a "fluid situation", but I want a one on one vs Wilbon, and I hope you do too....

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