The UK Football Team takes after Dick Cheney

Matt Jones07/31/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
The great thing about being on a team is that a sense of togetherness is created that bonds people and can last a lifetime. For instance, when you think of great teams, you very likely quickly think of the 1994-1995 Middlesboro Golf Team which was led by such notable names as Kevin Gordon, Josh Price, Casey Watkins, BoBob Green, Magloire52 and T.Walters. That was a team that had something special. It came in third in the state tournament and was once disqualified from a tournament it had won because one of the players had stolen a golf club from the pro shop. That is team togetherness. Well it is looking like the UK football team is headed for that same level of glory. Word on the street is that the entire Freshman class, from Micah Johnson to Darrell Stevens has shaved their head as a sign of team unity. The guys apparently got together one ceremonious night and shaved their locks, symbolizing the new direction of Kentucky football. I for one, applaud this move. While I have always been partial to the "playoff beard" of hockey that leads teams to look like scraggly old men at the end of the 8 month NHL playoffs, shaved heads can work as well. It goes without saying that Kentucky football can use a boost of energy, and if takes a bunch of 18 year old kids shaving their head and showcasing their developing Shane Battier-esque head ridges, then so be it. We all make sacrifices for success, and this can be our football team's. In other news, apparently Bill Keightley announced that he too would be shaving his head to support the UK Freshman football players. That really is sweet.....

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