The UL Sexual Harassment Lawsuit You May Not Have Heard About

Matt Jonesabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
tommy Somewhere in America there should be a graduate level course taught in "controlling the local media" and the Professor Emeritus simply must be Tommy "The Turtleneck" Jurich. The latest example is the near non-existent coverage of a verdict won by a former UL track coach against the UL Athletic Department for retaliation on a sexual harassment claim. The story, as summarized by this article on the WAVE 3 website, is that Mary Banker complained to the UL Human Resources Department after she was forced to do different tasks than the other male coaches in the department, including being asked to bake cookies, bat her eyes and flip her hair. After her complaint, the Athletic Department decided not to renew her contract and she was let go from the University. She sued and last Friday, won a $371,000 verdict against Tommy Turtleneck's Department. The verdict came down on Friday afternoon, but we have heard surprisingly little about it. Bizarrely, the story HAS STILL NOT BEEN REPORTED IN THE COURIER JOURNAL! How is that even possible? The main newspaper in town cant even find a column for a retaliation victory against the UL Athletic Department for sexual harassment? Unbelievable. Tommy I dont know how you hold such sway in Louisville over nearly every outlet, but amazingly you do.

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