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cancun The sports schedule is getting a little hectic. The NFL is in full swing. High school football playoffs are in session. College football is in it’s last month. High school, college, and pro basketball is ramping up. Mondays are good days to plan out your week and make sure you don’t miss any of the UK-related action. Monday -NBA - Bucks at Spurs - FSNNorth/FSNSW - 8:30: Meeks! Bogans! A clash of UK alumni for your Monday night viewing pleasure. Tuesday -Men's Basketball - Kentucky vs Cleveland State - CBS College Sports - 4:30: Cleveland State's primary color is green and their mascot is a Viking. That is a strange combination. I like my Vikings adorned in purple, dammit. Notable alumni include the late Tim Russert and Manut Bol. I always thought Oscar Mayer should hire Manut as a spokesman so they could promote Manut Bol-ogna. I'll be here all week, folks. Don't forget to tip your waiter. Wednesday -Women's Basketball - Kentucky at UC Santa Barbara - 3:00: Dude. Seriously. DUDE! How about this UK Hoops team? Undefeated. How is UK not ranked while the one loss Cards are sitting at #23? Hopefully, that will be fixed in the new poll after the ladies smack down the Gauchos (one of the better mascots out there). -Men's Basketball - Kentucky vs Stanford/Virginia - CBS College Sports - 7:00/9:30: Ah, The Cancun Challenge. Traveling to exotic locals for mini-tournaments is somewhat unique to college basketball. College programs use these trips to bond and strengthen themselves as a team. Pro teams would see such things as a distraction that would disrupt their routine and have a detrimental effect. This is one of the more underrated aspects of the college game. Also, I hope we play Stanford just on the outside chance that Eldrick shows up and throws his Tiger curse on the proceedings. Thursday -NFL - Giants at Broncos - NFL Network - 8:20: Get all your turkey eating and napping out of the way early then settle in for the night game. Our man, Wesley Woodyard, drew a DNP last week and SURPRISE! The Broncos lost. The Broncos have a fever. The only cure is more Woodyard. Friday -NBA - Bucks at Thunder (er. . Oklahoma City) - ESPN - 9:30: Watch Meeks and wonder what he would have been doing on this UK team. I. . I can't even imagine it. Let's just move on. Saturday -Women's Basketball - McNeese State at Kentucky - 1:00: The women return home from their matchup with the Gauchos and will more than likely handle the Cowboys. The Gauchos always remind me of Groucho Marx. My favorite Groucho joke? Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it is too dark to read. -Football - Tennessee at Kentucky - ESPNU - 7:00: Oh, Lordy. This is going to be an absolute slobber knocker. The Cats are riding high and brimming with confidence after that win at Georgia. UT is looking to close the season strong and continue its domination of the Wildcats. The fans are going to be in full force after tailgating for 10+ hours. Commonwealth is going to be an absolute madhouse at kickoff. Don't. Miss. This. Game. Sunday -NFL - Week 12: As always, remember to support the former Wildcats that are playing in the NFL. There is your week in UK sports. Have a good one and save me a drumstick.

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