The World Meets Enes Kanter

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
enes Its late and I have a full day of radio (11 am to 1 pm on and Masters watching to prepare for. So three quick notes on tonight's festivities: 1. Enes Kanter Is the Man: Please let Enes get eligible. Kanter scored 34 points tonight in the Nike Hoop Summit, breaking the all-time game scoring mark that was previously held by one Dirk Nowitzki. He scored all around the basket, grabbed 15 boards and was the revelation of the game. We will talk more about him tomorrow, but if he is on the team next year, a lot of worries about Orton leaving go right out the window. 2. That was a GREAT game: If you get to watch one of the 4,000 replays they will show of the game on Fox Sports, check it out. Both teams played very well and it was truly entertaining. Good performances also by UK targets Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones and Cory Joseph. Best all-star game I can remember watching. 3. Enes is My New Favorite Player: I can already tell you that Enes is KSR Hall of Fame material. You have the great name and the puns that come with it, the fact that he looks like a Turkish Jason Biggs (as pointed out by the Turkey Hunter), his impressive game and the fact that Eastern European Kentucky players have a history of being gold (aka Woo), and, well Enes is going to be KSR gold. I cant wait. More on the festivities, the games, the Derby Classic and the rest tomorrow.

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