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The general consensus of the average UK football (and Cincinnati Reds) fan. Remember when we were wondering if we'd seen the lowest point of the season so far for Kentucky football?  Well, it turns out we haven't. In fact, not only have we not yet seen the low point for this year, we may be facing the lowest point of the last hundred years.  How's that for a punch in the gut?  Saturday's loss to Georgia, valiantly fought though it was, put UK's all time record at 579-579-44, just exaaactly at .500.  Like, really, it's razor's edge stuff here.  And it's official, because it's on Wikipedia.  So, if the Cats lose to Mizzou this weekend, which isn't a sure thing, that percentage will drop to 49.9%.  Surprise, right?  And true, it's an almost infinitesimally small difference, in number, but it's not at all small in significance.  It means that, in spite of all the University's history, the Wildcats will have lost more football games than they've won.  Ever.  It's deceptively simple-sounding, but still a big deal.  It's a huge deal, actually. According to my source, super sleuth @El_Browntown, the last time UK was under the .500 mark was 1902, when they went 3-5 with losses to Central U, Mooney School, and the Louisville YMCA.  So, for the last 110 years, no matter how bad things got, we could always say that yeah, we've lost a lot, but at least we'd won more games than we'd lost.  True, some of those games were against Morris Harvey (currently D-2 after getting their football team back in the last ten years) and the like, but there was still some specter of a bragging right there. Soon, though?  We probably won't even have that.  And not only that, but we can't be sure when we' be able to get back to .500 should we dip under it this week.  Sorry to dampen your spirits this morning.  Really.  This sucks.  But it is what it is.  And if disappointment from this realization can help to spur change, then it's worth acknowledging. On the plus side, UK All-Access Episode 2 airs tomorrow.  Hurray.

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