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How bad are they? How bad will they get?

It’s their first year on probation. They’ve got a brand new coach. The majority of their playing time from last season is gone. Their top 2 scorers from last season are gone, where are their points going to come from? No recruits are even going to be interested in coming to a school that’s on probation. I don’t want to get extreme, but this might be the death of one of the greatest basketball programs of all time.

They are sitting alright right now, a 5-4 record isn’t that bad, but wait until they get into conference play. There is no way they can match up with those schools and hope to stand a chance of holding their own. They’ve played some big time schools already, and look how they got hammered when they played them. I don’t think they ever imagined they would be losing games by forty points. How long will it be before the fans turn on them? They just aren’t accustomed to having teams like this.

What can we realistically expect from them this season? Could they finish the year at .500? Their remaining out of conference games aren’t too tough, but how many conference wins can they pull out? Three or four maybe? What about next season? What can we expect when the core of our returning team is going to be a bunch of boys from the hills of Kentucky?

No doubt about it, this Indiana team is pretty bad, but I think as UK fans we have the unique privilege of making fun of them because we’ve been there before. What did you as a fan expect would happen to our program going into the 89-90 season? I know that Indiana isn't nearly in the hole that we were, but how long will it be before they are making waves nationally again?  I just hope they don't have the same rise back to the top that we got to experience.

Who do you think would win in the fictional match up of ’89-’90 UK vs ’08-’09 Indiana? Discuss in the comments?

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