They Are Who We Thought They Were: Charleston Southern Buccaneers

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Charleston Southern University

Charleston Southern University, which can be found just south of Charleston Northern University, is a Baptist college founded in 1964, one year after the Beatles released their first album Please Please Me and the births of Pebbles Flintstone and Larry the Cable Guy.  The campus is situated on 300 acres of land, formerly the site of a rice and indigo plantation.  Recently, the campus banned the use of tobacco and has always discouraged alcohol use.  Students caught with a cigarette and/or a Keystone Light will face expulsion.  CSU is not ranked in the 2010 edition of “Top Party Schools in the Nation.”

North Charleston, South Carolina

CSU is located in North Charleston (okay, now I’m just confused), the third-largest city in South Carolina.  In October 2009, Boeing Aircraft announced the selection of North Charleston for its new 787 Dreamliner aircraft assembly and delivery prep center. This positioned North Charleston as one of the major aircraft centers of the world.  I actually applied for a job in Charleston with Boeing last year.  I never received so much as an e-mail from the recruiter, so Boeing and North Charleston can go f— themselves.  The city is also home of the H.L. Hunley museum.

Notable Alumni

No one.  Absolutely no one.  You’d think someone from CSU could accidentally become famous, but no.  Not happenin’.


… can’t even find anyone on Facebook.

Cheerleader Scouting Report

BE A CSU CHEERLEADER FOR THE DAY! … I’ll do it if you do it.  I’m serious.

Mascot: “Bucky”

Well played, sir.

Charleston Southern vs. FBS Schools

2010 – CSU vs. Hawaii – L, 66-7
2009 – CSU vs South Florida – L, 59-0
2009 – CSU vs Florida – L, 62-3
2008 – CSU vs Miami (OH) – L, 38-27
2008 – CSU vs Miami (FL) – L, 52-7
2007 – CSU vs Hawaii – L, 66-10
2003 – CSU vs South Florida – L, 55-7
2002 – CSU vs South Florida – L, 56-6

Key Players to Watch

#2  Demarcus Moon, RB
(95 rushes, 323 yds, 6 TDs, 40.4 yds./gm)

Senior runningback Demarcus Moon is now three touchdowns shy of the single-season record at CSU.  I think the single season record is, like, four.  According to his Twitter page (@MrFlintstone26), class was cancelled Monday… “so where the ass at???  }Georgia Muscle{ ”

#14  Kwame Krakue, WR
(29 catches, 400 yds, 3 TDs)

Kwame Krakue was named to the 2010 National Strength and Conditioning Association All-American team.  Two other names you might recognize on the NSCA list: John Conner and A.J. Nance.  And Transylvania basketball star Brock Jones.

#2  Gerald Stevenson, WR
(43 catches, 643 yds, 2 TDs)

Gerald Stevenson finished third last season for Big South Offensive Player of the Year.  He is in the running again this season, and if he wins, it will be Stevenson’s greatest individual accomplishment since winning the Santa’s Workshop poster contest at Lake Park Elementary in Naples, Florida.

#11 Andrew Trudnowski, QB
(75-144, 875 yds, 6 TDs, 6 INTs)

CSU’s second best passer in school history, A.J. Toscano, suffered a season ending knee injury against Liberty.  This paved the way for Andrew Trudnowski, the son of Dave and Tina.  Trudnowski’s team photo doubles as a headshot for his CSI: Charleston auditions during the offseason.

#69  Jordan Lancaster, OL
(Herbal Essences Fruit Fusions: Coconut Melon)

Lancaster earned a spot on the 2010 All-State Good Works Team for his work on the field, in the classroom and in the community. Good work, Jordan!


Charleston Southern will lead 28-10 at the half.  Kentucky will win 97-6.

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