Things We Learned from Bam's Late Night Twitter Q&A
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Things We Learned from Bam's Late Night Twitter Q&A

Nick Roushover 5 years


Article written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


[caption id="attachment_192171" align="alignnone" width="534"]High Point Enterprise High Point Enterprise[/caption] Kentucky's next great power forward was feeling froggy last night on Twitter, opening it up for questions from fans.  We've seen him dunk the ball a lot, but we haven't heard much less from him.  Last night we got a sneak peak of what it will be like to have young Edrice on Kentucky's campus..

His Number at UK is a Mystery

He ideally would like to be #4, but Charles Matthews is currently holding it down.  After that was brought up, his next option is "2-5-2."  Does that mean #2, #5, #25?  Your guess is as good as mine.

He's Been Dunking for a LONG Time

We've seen Bam do stuff like this plenty of times, but when did it all get started? He was 13 years young when he threw down his first dunk, about 7th grade.  I'm sure the dunk was much better looking than the "banked-in, pulls down the rim" dunk I first pulled off when I was 16.

His Favorite TV Show is The Game

the-game For those that have never seen "The Game," it's a sitcom/drama on BET about professional football players and their wives.  The shenanigans they got themselves into were pretty funny, but unfortunately for Bam the show just ended last August after a 10-year run.

His Favorite Movie is a No-Brainer His favorite pair of shoes are the Jordan XI's.  Maybe he'll rock the "Space Jam XI's" next season? space-jam-jordans

He's Bringing an Appetite to Lexington

Obviously basketball is priority number one when he gets to Lexington.  Next on this list -- Lexington's fine dining.  When I say fine dining, I mean pizza, his favorite food.  Lucky for Bam, there' plenty of competition for the best pizza in town.  For fast service and thick crust, I'm a fan of Jet's Pizza.  He can also sit down at a Mellow Mushroom or throw it back to classic Joe Bologna's.  The personal pan route at Pie Five or The Blaze is a tasty alternative.  However, you can never go wrong with a $6 Papa John's Student Special, especially when there's one right next door to the Wildcat Coal Lodge.

His Favorite Basketball Player will Surprise You

Even though he's a big fan of Kobe, and he loves watching the former UK guys in the NBA (especially Boogie), the🐐 is Maya Moore. [caption id="attachment_198391" align="alignnone" width="600"]Life and Times Life and Times[/caption]

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