This Clown Stuff is Getting out of Hand

This Clown Stuff is Getting out of Hand

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The clown craze sweeping the nation is not slowing down anytime soon. What started as a strange prank in the woods of South Carolina continues to escalate as Halloween draws near, and it's starting to get dangerous for the perpetrators.  Following reports of clowns on LSU's campus, last night groups of "30 plus" went on the hunt for clowns with 2x4's and tasers. It's hit much closer to home in Kentucky.  Two weeks ago a masked clown in Bell County was arrested.  On Friday a Winchester woman was attacked by someone in a clown mask on a hiking trail.  Yesterday a Bardstown woman was nearly shot in a case of mistaken identity. While walking her dog in suburban Bardstown, the unnamed woman had her face covered with a white afghan.  Adam Tingle's wife confused her for a clown.  Tingle tried to scare off the alleged clown by yelling at her.  When she didn't respond, he fired his AR-15 into the air to scare "the clown" and called police. Luckily, no one was injured.  Tingle was cited for second-degree wanton endangerment and his gun was taken when police arrived. The clown situation is only going to get worse before it gets better, that's why now more than ever we should listen to Doron Lamb: "Don't Geek." [The Kentucky Standard]  

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