This guy thinks you're a hillbilly

This guy thinks you're a hillbilly

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
When you were a kid, at some point, your parents probably told you in one way or another that "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones".  This tale comes with a similar moral, though, it could be more accurately amended to read, "those who wear jerseys and gold chains and wear a mash hat above eyes pointing in different directions shouldn't call other people hillbillies".  Yes, this is a story about Eric "Mr. Photogenic" Bickel. If you caught the radio show this morning, you became familiar with the Washington, D.C. morning show beating that is The Sports Junkies, thanks to their interview with KSR Friend of the Program Seth Davis. In an appearance on their show this week, Davis was questioned by Eric "Mr. Photogenic" Bickel about why he never thanks the D.C. circle-jerk quartet for appearing on their show but makes frequent references to "some show in Kentucky".  Whatever.  But, as the interview concluded, he did what every middling 41-year old media member should do - he called UK fans "white trash" and made a crack about Appalachia.  Creative, I know.  No wonder they fill two minutes with playing Pink Floyd after the break. Obviously, some people didn't like that too much. UK fans got after him.  They cracked on his Twitter followers (fewer than Drew Franklin).  They ragged him for his 15-year old show in a larger market finishing with just about the same number of downloads as five-month old Kentucky Sports Radio in iTunes.  They said he looked like Bob Saget on meth.  They even made some creative edits to the show's Wikipedia page.  How did Mr. Photogenic respond?  By going all in:  




Hours later, Bickel continues to spout off, making cracks about Ashley Judd, Tim Couch, Chris Mills and throwing the intellectual knockout punch of calling UK fans "inbred".  He even challenges you to "Google his W2".  Yes, he's turned the knob to "Epic Nerd Fight".

So, as we now move into the weekend, keep Eric Bickel in your thoughts and prayers as he continues to search for his sleeves and some more listeners for a station that ranks 20th in the most recent DC ratings I could find (1.9 rating).  Mr. Photogenic, you made Friday fun and you finally found a way to make me feel less embarrassed about calling myself "King Dong Bundy" in college. 

Here's today's show:

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