This Idiot's Monday Morning Wakeup

This Idiot's Monday Morning Wakeup

Drew Franklinover 5 years


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idiot A video of a young daredevil went viral late last week because it features one of the dumbest stunts the world has ever seen, and luckily doesn't end with death. Watch as this maniac rides a hoverboard along the edge of one of the tallest skyscrapers in Dubai. He comes within inches of plummeting off the side and down to his death, but somehow manages to stay on the board and on the building. It's quite incredible: Very rarely does a video make me nauseous or uncomfortable, but this one had me screaming at my phone and turning my head. Dude's a lunatic. I've been on those boards several times and they're not the easiest contraptions to maneuver. He could've lost control at any time while spinning in a circle. That would've been a hell of a way to go out had it gone wrong. "How'd Sam die?" "Well the damnedest thing happened to him. He was spinning in circles on his hoverboard on the edge of a skyscraper in Dubai and lost control. Fell right off the side of the building."     April evaluations are over. John Calipari was a busy man over the weekend during the final evaluation period of the spring. He and his assistant coaches watched their top targets in the 2017 recruiting class at the Nike EYBL and Under Armour Association events in Indianapolis and at the Adidas Uprising event in Atlanta. UK now has a pretty good idea of its plan of attack for recruiting the new crop of players after back-t0-back weekends of non-stop evaluating. Today marks the beginning of a quiet period, which means Calipari can park the jet for a little while in Lexington. Although we all know that will never happen. Mac Jones was named MVP at the Rivals Quarterback Challenge Camp. The future Wildcat (as it stands now) shined over the weekend in Baltimore, earning MVP honors at the Rivals QB camp. The big weekend helps the likelihood that he will receive a bump to five-star status sometime in the near future, as it has been rumored for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately the performance will also bring on more attention and additional challengers to Kentucky in recruiting. Earlier this month Jones said he remains solid to his commitment to UK, but we'll see if that remains the case as other programs pick up pursuit. Alabama is already on him with an offer and many more will come. There is a special video coming from UK today. Get excited about a very fun video featuring some of your favorite UK athletes today. I believe they're set to release "Carpool Karaoke," a bit made popular by James Corden on The Late, Late Show on CBS. Isaac Humphries, EJ Floreal and JD Harmon are among the group of carpoolers. It's going to be quite hilarious. Potential football transfer visited over the weekend. A young man who can really help Kentucky's defense was in Lexington over the weekend to tour the University of Kentucky as he considers his options for a transfer out of Nebraska. Kevin Williams, a fifth-year nose tackle with immediate eligibility, is looking at the Cats and Texas A&M for his final season of college football. He was hosted on his UK visit by two other transfers from Nebraska -- Courtney Love and Greg Hart -- as well as his recruiter, Vince Marrow. It helps that Marrow coached Williams at Springfield High School in Ohio. The Grizzlies should've been given the series over the Spurs. San Antonio swept Memphis in the NBA playoffs but Memphis should be allowed to advance for this stunt it pulled during Game 3. Watch the Grizzlies' mascot put the Spurs' mascot through a table:

#SuperGrizz does it again! This time from way way way up! 👀🐻

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"AS GOD IS MY WITNESS HE IS BROKEN IN HALF!" Alan Cutler to co-host Kentucky Sports Radio radio today. Matt is traveling back from Las Vegas today so he has Ryan Lemond and Alan Cutler in his place on the show. The two former LEX 18 newsroom teammates will share stories from their past and hit all of the news (what little there is) from the weekend and week ahead. Tune in.

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