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Next stop, Super Bowl!!! Ah, Vandy. Sweet, precious, naive Vandy. Look at you, all grows up. You came to Lexington, buried your demons, and made yourselves bowl eligible for the first time in 26 years. Good for you. However, you may want to look at how the bowl selection process works. First of all, calling your postseason announcement package the "bowl bandwagon" is, while honest, a bit demeaning, don't ya think? I realize no one admits to being a Vandy fan, but seriously, at least pretend. Second of all, check out the list of bowls that Vandy's athletics website has as potential destinations. Seriously guys? There are four bowls on that list that you could end up at, maybe five. There are two BCS bowls listed, including the national championship game. In order for Vandy to go to a BCS bowl, the rest of the universe would have to explode, leaving only Nashville standing. Therefore, the national championship would be Vandy v. Belmont. I realize that the athletics people just cut and pasted the bowl tie-ins of the SEC, but seriously, you guys are a bunch of nerds, figure out a way to shave that table down a bit to make it more appropriate. If you want to be honest, Vandy, the "bowl bandwagon" page could have simply said: "Hey! We're in a bowl! It's one of the crappy ones. Tickets will be about $50. We'll let you know which one it is in a few weeks. Don't worry about tickets; it won't sell out." Apparently, the 'Dores think that every bowl eligible team goes into a giant drum (not unlike the one at a church picnic), and Beano Cook draws to see who plays where. I stole this from these guys, who took it from these guys.

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