"This is Kentucky. We do whatever we want."

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 6 years


kentuckywhateverwewant1 John Calipari may have given us the swaggiest line of the season tonight. After he was done describing the process in which the staff and players discuss their NBA decisions, John Calipari assured listeners to his call-in show that regardless of how many players go, the program will be fine.
"If a bunch of them get drafted in the first round, maybe early second, that's okay. We're going to be ecstatic. We're going to build a team that's going to come back and I'd told Tyler, 'let's do the same thing.' Why not? 'Well, you can't because you lost'--what? This is Kentucky. We do whatever we want. We may go out and have to sign a couple of more people. There are kids in the wings that we're still involved with. They're waiting to see how many of these kids leave. I gave them..There's an idea, it's gonna be a lot. And I'm happy about that. I'm happy."
This is Kentucky. We don't give no f---s and we do whatever we want.

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