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I would normally wait until the Picks to Click tommorow to post this but I just cant contain myself.  The new AP college basketball poll came out today, and its pretty boring.  But, I was clued in to a nice little website called a couple months back and ITS GREAT.  In this case, it's great because you find out that none other than Jerry Tipton is the AP rep for the state of Kentucky this year.  But, that just wasn't enough in Week 3 of voting for Jerry.  I come to find out that Jerry had 24 really normal picks and then at #25 this week, the Tipanator picked...........VMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats right, just to stick it to UK fans a little more, Tipton actaully put VMI in his poll.  I guess beating a 1-2 Kentucky team and losing to the worst team in the ACC, Virginia is enough for 'ol Jerry.  I don't even need to spew how ignorant this is, I will leave that up to you in the comments section.

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