This is why I'm afraid of commitment

John Dubyaover 14 years


Aritcle written by:John DubyaJohn Dubya
jordan.jpg The Coach Clyde honeymoon continues its blissful sweep through the Bluegrass as Kentucky fans optimistically prepare for an ascent back into the Top 10. But what about next season? As we continue to hang on the imminent decisions of Jai Lucas and Patrick Patterson (hang in a literal sense, as these names are making me suicidal), it's obvious that next season's roster has more holes in it than an Al Gore movie. As of now the likely starting frontcourt is Jared Carter and Perry Stevenson...not exactly a formidable "tower of power." That is why our new favorite name around these parts is Texas A&M commit DeAndre Jordan. From the second Coach Clyde was hired away from College Station, Jordan emerged as a possible candidate to follow the coach who recruited him to the Aggies, and as the #2 Center in the nation, would be welcomed with open arms. Coach Clyde, continuing his "say all the right things" theme, has publicly stated that he would not try and "recruit" his former recruits away from A&M, and hoped Jordan would honor his commitment. But is that fair, for the the kid and/or the school? With the coaching carousel at a crescendo, the debate rages on.'s Yoni Cohen tackles this issue in his lastest column, focusing on A&M's Jordan and K-State's Michael Beasley. It's one of those topics that has sound reasoning from both sides, so I'm interested to see what you guys think. All I know is, if Jordan does land in Lexington, I'll be doing a healthy dose of this:

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