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Last season, a Kentucky team whose numbers were split between a group of highly-touted freshmen brought in by the new coach and a group of veterans still remaining from the previous two regimes found cohesion on the court faster than anyone imagined and raced out to a 19-game win streak to start the season.  Again faced with a mixed group of players this season, Calipari said many times publicly that he hoped this team would find their chemistry just as face.  According to ESPN's Dana O'Neil-Forde, they have found that trust in each other.  In fact, O'Neil-Forde says that these Cats are exactly the type of team that their Saturday opponents are not and it has a lot to do with a little trip to Dom Papa Town in August. Here is what Darius Miller said before walking away for a significant period of time and returning for the rest of the interview later:
“We’re together all the time,” junior guard Darius Miller said. “We live in the same place; we go places and do things together. All of that builds relationships and trust. You can’t win if you don’t have that.”
Good.  Now just #FreeEnes.

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