This May be Easier… (Arkansas Game Thread)

This May be Easier… (Arkansas Game Thread)

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Razorback Sucker Fish Pictured: The Razorback Sucker Fish. From Colorado. It might be difficult to run the game thread with a vid in the post, so you may want to use this. I have no clue if there is a live-blog or not. And, if you're under Comcast's evil spell, rumor has it that the game will be streamed here. Go Cats. Edit by Fake Gimel: I won't be using the CoverItLive stuff tonight, but I will be updating regularly after the jump.

Edit the Dos: Wildcats pull out a 4th quarter rally of the ages, winning 21-20! Here's a quick, Fake summary of the 4th quarter:

7:05 PM ET -- Waiting for ESPNU to switch over to the UK game. Because watching Duke run out the clock down 49-24 is very important.

7:11 PM -- Gee, Duke, thanks for getting that TD in.

7:14 PM -- Finally got switched over to the game, and David Jones adjusted on a pass thrown behind the reciever. Then, two plays later, Hartline throws another INT.

7:20 PM -- Well, when you give any team a possession inside your own 20 you should expect them to put some points on the board. Razorbacks 7, Wildcats 0

7:23 PM -- I don't know how many of you are using the CBS Game Tracker, but I really wish they'd turn off the Bud Bowl option and just give the stats.

Well, I hope you feel beautiful on the inside, because Randall Cobb is behind the center right now.

7:29 PM -- Razorbacks force a punt. I believe they blitzed 6 on that 3rd and 9, but I didn't get a complete count. I wonder if we should expect a lot of blind blitzes when Cobb drops back to pass.

7:30 PM -- Video feed messed up, very professional ESPNU...

7:33 PM -- Um, what I'm hearing isn't very good. 51 yard rush? Ugh.

7:35 PM -- Video's back. I saw one hold on Dick's scramble there.

7:37 PM -- Wow, what a friggin' hit! Anybody who bitches about our defense being bad needs to get shot. (You'd be surprised. I heard at least 3 different people in Commonwealth last week actually complaining that our defense sucks.)

7:43 -- End of the 1st Quarter, Razorbacks 7 Wildcats 0

7:45 -- Moncell Allen is getting a lot of attempts this far with Cobb's package. And Cobb finds our boy T.C. for a huge gain. Right now, I think we're all happy DeMoreo Ford is back in the lineup.

7:48 -- Cobb showing a little inexperience there, waited too long to spring the screen. Forced to punt again. Looks like our special teams group is playing hungry, because we just hung Arkansas back within the 5.

7:52 -- Haha, they've brought Billy Gillispie in the booth. Looks like he's wearing a leather jacket with a blue-striped athletic polo.

7:55 -- Gillispie said he and his staff aren't close to picking who's going to be point guard. Dick dropped for a loss, Arkansas to punt.

7:56 -- You know, its fun when your QB in the last series is also the guy who's running back your punts. And by fun, I mean "scary". I wonder if we'll get a Hartline series now.

8:00 -- Hartline is back in; wonder who booed? It appears the Arkansas defense is disrespecting the Pitch To Locke play. After getting dropped on the third pitch, they let Locke jump through the middle.

8:02 -- Haha, the First Down lines on ESPNU was set up for 1st and 10, even though it was 3rd and short. Kentucky's running game is looking better, but I still see some of the o-line getting pushed around. Boyd stepped out of bounds, so of course he won't get pass interference.

8:05 -- You know, I feel sorry for this nation's elderly. These commercials probably seem like easy money. You just mail your jewelry! Because that is safe and secure! The best is that there's a second Cash4Gold commerical that has the same "I gave my wedding band from my first marriage" woman in it, with different clothing.

8:07 -- Another stab at the end zone on third and long. Coverage wasn't great, but Hartline just put it a little too high. That's tough.

8:08 -- Oh, Trevard. But honestly, I feel good just about every other time Casey gets on the field. Oh, why does Casey Dick have "C. Dick" on his jersey? Is this to prevent people from buying jerseys with Dick on the back? Or does this mean there's more than one Dick on the team?

8:11 -- Micah Johnson has 4 tackles already tonight. 3rd and 4 for Arkansas on the 42, and Micah knocks the ball away from the receiver (and was kinda holding too).

8:16 -- Great run by Locke on the psuedo draw. Hartline airs out another pass over recievers. Derek coughs up a reception and Arkansas picks it up. If this is reviewed, we might see a reversal.

8:18 -- Ugh, play stands under review. I guess there wasn't a good enough angle? It looked pretty conclusive from the ESPNU replay.

8:20 -- Illegal formation takes away a big Dick run. Somebody let Michael Smith get away, and he gets inside for a TD. Arkansas 14, Wildcats 0.

8:21 -- Locke just got hurt on that kickoff return. It did not look pleasant on replay.

8:24 -- Hartline's pass to Adeyemi was a yucky kind of wobbly, but effective. So far, the no-huddle is working. Couldn't get the blocking right for that WR screen to Cobb.

8:26 -- Locke is getting wrapped up. Great catch by Alfonso to move the chains. Back to Alfonso, and got his hands smashed. Hope it's not serious.

8:29 -- Hartline gets the ball knocked out of his hands to end the half. Locke is taking the cart back to the locker room. Put all our offense on it, I wonder?

I'm gonna get some pizza and stretch my legs a bit, and try to figure out why the bookies had us as a 7-point favorite.

8:53 -- Sorry for the delay. Not that you care, but my 3-year-old woke up from a nap and wet himself. Sounds like our offense, except they've been awake.

I think its clear that our offense isn't much better than Arkansas'. The difference is that Arkansas has been in our red zone 3 times, and we have been in the red zone once (I think?).

DeMereo Ford ensures that Arkansas gets another chance in the red zone. Thanks, DeMereo!

9:02 -- Even our ball-boy can't pull down a lob from Casey Dick. Is there anybody in Kentucky with hands? I keed, I keed; its not like our QBs will get the ball to them.

So, we've definitely pissed God off. How does that FG make it through, 9 times out of 10? Arkansas 17, Wildcats 0

Getting back to our offense, I think everybody knew that we would have trouble scoring this year. Too many young faces. Losing some of our O-linemen has tipped the scales from "serviceable" to "desperate".

Speaking of desperate, we have a personal foul after a decent kickoff runback.

9:03 -- The ESPNU crew is interviewing Dicky, who says, "we need to throw the ball downfield". One RB screen later, Alfonso Smith runs in for a TD. Arkansas 17, Wildcats 7

9:05 -- Locke has a sprained knee, and is out for the game.

9:09 -- Dick does complete on the 3rd and Long. Is this the first 3rd and long allowed by the Wildcat D? Maybe the second, I think.

9:13 -- Braxton Kelley breaks up a 2nd and 10 pass. In case you're wondering, Braxton has 6 solo and 5 assisted tackles. Add that pass breakup, and that's a hell of a game thus far. Defense holds. And for their reward, we acquire a roughing the kicker penalty. Fortunately its just a 5-yard penalty, so we'll have another punt.

9:15 -- You know, given ESPNU's target demographic, you'd think they'd get better commericals than the Pasta N' More, and the Big City Slider grill thingie.

9:20 -- Arkansas defender gets penetration forces our RB (Smith?) to adjust, couldn't get through quicker. Hartline puts one too high? It looked like the intended WR was falling down. Another 3 and out. I wonder if Cobb will come in next series. Seems about right.

9:23 -- Glad ESPNU feels like they need to follow up on their college hockey promo. Lots of college hockey fans in the SEC.

9:26 -- So, you run a statue of liberty play, and then you throw at Trevard Lindley? Sure.

9:28 -- Michael Smith is just slicing us up. Fortunately, Arkansas commits its 8th penalty of the game to negate the run. And there's another hold... make it nine. ESPNU booth guys says, "Kentucky needs to take advantage of the penalties." REALLY? ARE YOU SURE?

9:31 -- In case you are not seeing this on video, that pass interference call was only slightly bullshit. The UK defender was wrapping the reciever up a little early. This drive is killing precious time.

9:34 -- We let Dick squirt through, and let another 3rd and long get away. End of the 3rd Quarter, and Kentucky needs to make plays, or some lube.

9:42 -- Nice to see some of the Big Blue Nation already leaving. That gives us plenty of right to bitch about the Louisville fans leaving early.

Our penalties have been just crushing. That facemask negates a 3rd down stop. So far, Arkansas has had 25:14-ish time of possession, compared to 19:46 for Kentucky. I'm sure in the second half, Arkansas has had the ball almost double than UK.

9:46 -- Roughing the passer? Yeah, the fix is in, and I wonder if its our team doing the fixing.

9:48 -- Not for sure about Michael Smith's fumble -- it looks fine under review -- but maybe we've knocked Smith out of the game. A few quarters too late, methinks.

9:51 -- A naked (bootlegging) Dick thrusts into the end zone, but there was an illegal shift. Michael Smith is back in the game. Myron Pryor is being helped off the field. Losing the game sucks, but losing Myron for anything longer than this week is going to be killer.

9:55 -- Held them to just a FG, Arkansas 20, Kentucky 7. The points don't help but I'm afraid the time elapsed (over 14 friggin' minutes) might have been a game-breaker.

10:00 -- Hartline did a Dick move, ran up the line. 4th and 2, we're going for it. Arkansas sniffs out our WR screen. People boo, but is that because everybody knows Hartline was going to audible to that?

10:03 -- So, should be be hoping Dick starts throwing the ball, so we can run back an INT and score?

10:03 -- Is that the Arkansas band playing the Imperial March? Speaking of bands, why does our marching band look like it needs about 30 more members? Why can't our athletic department start providing money to the Fine Arts college to get those people?

10:11 -- For those of you who are bitching about play-calling, may I remind you that we have one QB who throws too high or too low, and we have another QB who can run but isn't accurate enough to replace the first QB. And who's going to catch those throws? There, we had Hartline throw one completely out of bounds because nobody was open. On this drive, we'll see why we don't throw a lot of up-the-field passes.

Angie Brevin (Breven?) is a name you need to google on UK's JAT site. Trust me.

10:12 -- There's your INT; ball was way behind the receiver.

10:14 -- Braxton Kelly forces the fumble, giving us one more time to watch our offense. Yay? And Micah just got hurt again... Okay, I've been saving this up all night, so I'm going to make it count: MOTHERFUCK!

10:16 -- Can't you see Moncell Allen (sp?) being a ballerina? He's really swift, and that dude would look super funny in a tu-tu.

10:17 -- Bad QB passes to Worse QB TOUCHDOWN! Arkansas 20 Wildcats 14.

10:19 -- Nihilism is working pretty good right now. So, who's ready for the "really shitty onside kick!"

10:22 -- Arkansas's 12th penalty might be the most problematic. At least the D is making this interesting.

10:25 -- Well, I can understand Arkansas wanting to run there on 3rd down. Why take a chance with an INT when you can just give it back to the UK offense. Good odds. Now then, let's see if the offense can surprise us all.

10:28 -- Cobb gets us to the 35 yard line. When Alfonso caught the ball, I saw the flag, and I thought "oh god, here we go."


I want your tickets for the rest of the year.
Love, Fake Gimel

10:33 -- Now, that was at least the 6th illegal formation or illegal shift penalty. Arkansas has really been consumate visitors, letting us get back into the game.

10:34 -- So, who's better? Dick or Hartline? I say Dick, but not enough to lead them 95 yards down the field.

10:36 -- Cobb needs to learn that "pass to himself" play Arkansas just ran.

10:37 -- Dick in shotgun... Marcus McClinton takes the INT. Dear God, what just happened? Did we just show some HEART? Some Passion? A desire to win no matter the odds?

10:37 -- Petrino is considering the next job to jump to. He's thinking, "can I put up with Tennessee Orange for the money?"

10:37 -- My wife says, "Is it over? Yippie. Make your little comment and let's go." She's True Blue.

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