This Trailer is the Best

This Trailer is the Best

Kalan Kuceraover 6 years


Aritcle written by:Kalan KuceraKalan Kucera


spectre-logo Let's be honest, I did not use this weekend to catch up on film, on music, on video games, or on any other pop culture event.  This weekend was for the 'Cats!  I spent a stress filled evening sipping (quickly) on Fireball easing our 'Cats into the Final Four.  Jeez did it take a lot of Fireball.  But, one thing I did notice this weekend is that the first teaser trailer for Bond 24 dropped.  And it is awesome. It's not too long, but the aura and the addition of Christoph Waltz to the game add a lot.  I loved Skyfall, and with the addition of Waltz, this movie could just be amazing.  Take a look at the new trailer, what do you think?

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