Those Two Random Dudes' Wednesday Notes

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Matt called while I was asleep, and for some reason I answered, lied to him about being awake, blacked out, and now I'm doing the overnight post. I don't know how that all happened, but trust me, I'm as upset as you are. Tomorrow, friends, is the beginning of the end. As the blogger contest finally comes to a close, challenger Hunter Campbell and the yellow jersey-clad Corey Robertson (I hope I got those names right...) trek onward to determine who is the Greatest Random Person Who Reads this Site and has Enough Spare Time to Contribute. For realsies, Hunter will run the blog tomorrow from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m., and Corey will do likewise on Thursday. All posts will be up to them, and only them. Unless Turkey Hunter writes a poem or something, because he usually just plops those in without warning. Regardless, you should be looking forward to it. If you're not, check your pulse. Both guys have proven their mettle in solo posts; now they must show what they've got on the grandest of stages. It's going to be awesome, and I, for one, plan to heckle the crap out of them and point out every grammatical mistake. I will also be irreparably offended by at least one of their seemingly innocuous opinions. News: -According to what I can only assume is a real person, Jon Hood scored 26 points tonight, leading visiting Madisonville over #3 Christian County, per a message board post. I would link a newspaper article or something, but neither the Hop-town newspaper nor the Madisonville newspaper have a story online. Those teams played tonight, so I hope that is at least partly accurate. -Gracious, off weeks are miserable. Get your advanced scouting in tomorrow night, as IU takes on TCU at 8 p.m. on ESPN. -On the national stage, Stephen Curry led Davidson over WVU, forcing our RPI to dip a bit more. As Beisner pointed out, he made it happen in crunch time (did Beisner mention that? I didn't read his heathenistic garbage), despite missing like 1500 threes. Not much else going on, which I can only assume is good news. I'm sure Matt will provide some sort of something tomorrow, if need be.

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