Three Big Takeaways From Yesterday's Blowout

Andrew Cassadyabout 8 years


Aritcle written by:Andrew CassadyAndrew Cassady


It may be a week late but welcome to the new era of Kentucky football. The Air Raid was airy-er. The Defense was stouter. The game was fun again. Everything we had hoped to see last week against Western was on display against the overmatched Redhawks. While proper perspective has to be kept since the win was against one of the worst defenses in the MAC it was still a good glimpse of what we all wanted to see. Things like:: 1. The New Guys Bust Loose 473 yards of the near record 675 came from guys who weren't on campus a year ago. Clearly Stoops has brought in guys who are going to make an impact and if there were any naysayers after last week then this performance should shut them up for a while. You don't build a football team with one class but clearly the foundation is there for the future. If Stoops and company keep bringing in guys like Ryan Timmons, Javess Blue, and Jojo Kemp then the future of football is very bright. Once those guys are seniors it is going to be a very fun time to be a fan of the Cats. 2. Improved Defensive Effort The Cats were one poor decision away from pitching a shutout. Let that soak in for a minute. After years of the Nuclear Minter and Steve Brown debacle the Cats held an actual team nearly scoreless. an event that looked even better after WKU had their way last week. Za'Darius was the guy we expected him to be coming in racking up 3 sacks in the second quarter. The defense has a long way to go but after yesterday's performance we can at least be assured that they will be making some strides all season long. 3. Restored Confidence Coming into the year the team was riding a tidal wave of success. Then WKU smacked them around and that bubble was burst nearly as quickly as it had swelled. Yesterday's win will go a long way to building this team up and believing they can be competitive as they face the gauntlet of these next four weeks. Had the game been close or heaven forbid, a loss, then the team could not have been mentally prepared to battle with some of the best teams in the nation. Now the team, much like the fans, should have a changed outlook for the season. That's what posting the third largest total yards in school history will do to you.   What was your big takeaway following the big victory?

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