Three Players That Could Make a Leap

Three Players That Could Make a Leap

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"The good thing is, week one to week two you'll see the most improvement.  I feel like we're doing a good job with those corrections to put ourself in the best position to go out and compete at a high level."
JD Harmon's words from Wednesday have not left my brain.  Even if Kentucky won, this statement would still hold true.  The degree of improvement will be affected by the environment and opponent, but regardless, the leap from week one to two will happen.  Here are the top candidates.

Kobie Walker

After spending three years on campus without playing a down, Walker played like a true freshman who had never seen the field.  The 10 tackles looked great on the stat sheet, but he was undisciplined, losing outside containment far too often.  Those mistakes are easily fixed, so long as he relies on his athleticism and doesn't get washed up in The Swamp.

Chris Westry

Westry received plenty of preseason hype, but didn't receive much playing time in game one.  Feeling under the weather, Harmon shined in his absence.  Kentucky needs all the guns they can in the Florida heat and there's no one better equipped to handle the island on the outside than 6'4" Orange Park, Florida native.

Jojo Kemp

The DeLand native has quite a history with the Gators, biting off more than he could chew as a sophomore.  Before his final trip home, Jojo didn't start his senior season the way many expected.  It won't be easy to bounce back against Florida's defense, but don't be shocked to see some Mojo from Jojo in The Swamp.

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