Three reasons why Benny Snell probably had to take that video down

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Earlier today, Benny Snell released a music video on YouTube for his single "D to the A (remix)," and about four hours later, it had to be taken down. Why? Since I was one of a few thousand to see it, I'm here to make some guesses. (FYI, you can still listen to the song on Soundcloud.)

There was definitely some NSFW language

As with almost any rap song, there was some pretty bad language and questionable innuendos, including a bag of money being thrown around during the lyric "Big ballin' so the squad can get rich/Secure the bag then I'll ball out at Saks Fifth." Again, all rap videos include money, fancy cars, jewelry, etc., but that's probably not the image you want your star running back to be putting out there.

It had SEC Network/ESPN game footage in it

Another likely reason Benny had to take down the video was because it included highlights and footage with audio from games last season, and we all know how touchy the SEC Network and ESPN can be about people reproducing their property. The last 20 seconds or so of the video was Brent Musburger's call of Benny's 1-yard touchdown run at South Carolina, which is kind of odd because Benny had way more impressive highlights from the year. If he had asked me, I could have put together some #RealHighlights for him.

The NCAA has suspended players for posting songs on YouTube/iTunes before

In 2013, the NCAA suspended University of Minnesota wrestler for posting his rap songs and videos on YouTube and iTunes (you could download it for 99 cents), arguing that he used his status as an athlete to promote his music, which they defined as a commercial product. Benny's video didn't have any ads associated with it that I remember, but if it had, he could have profited from them, opening him up to inquiry from the NCAA. No one wants that. Regardless, something tells me this won't keep Benny Tha Bandit down.

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