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Three reasons why the Big Ten is a better conference for Kentucky

Article written by:On3 imageRashawn Franklin
While Joker Phillips was defending his job security at SEC Football’s media day I couldn’t help but think how different his life would be if the team’s schedule wasn’t so daunting every year. As Kentucky fans know, it’s very tough to play a schedule in the Southeastern conference -- almost too tough. After Phillips' interview ended, ESPN’s college football analysts made predictions for the season, and some didn’t have Kentucky winning a conference game at all. Being familiar with the beast that is SEC play they could be right, but as a fan it sucks to cope with that reality. Based on fan base and sports teams Kentucky would be better served in an entirely different conference and the most natural one would be the Big Ten. 1. Football is easier there. Remember when the Big Ten was actually dominant in football? Yeah, well, those days are long gone and Kentucky would have a much better chance to be competitive in the league today. Being the punching bag of the SEC gets a little tiring and, realistically, the Wildcats will probably never have legitimate aspirations of being SEC BCS National Champions. Plus, the conference is still respectable with the likes of Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa. A successful year in the Big Ten could mean a Rose Bowl berth, and I don’t know about you but I’d rather go to Pasadena to lose than Nashville. 2. The basketball Tradition is richer. If you remove Kentucky from the SEC, the conference’s historical merit goes out the window. Jumping to the Big Ten, Kentucky has two, maybe three matchups a year with Indiana, Michigan State and Ohio State. Doesn’t that sound a lot better than Vanderbilt, Florida, and who cares? When it comes to conference basketball history it feels like Kentucky was the kid at the hospital that got taken home by the wrong parents. As far as basketball goes, UK was supposed to be Big Ten. 3. Geography.  Going North instead of South wouldn’t be a big change, in fact, some Big Ten schools are closer. Although it’s a lot colder in Big Ten country their campuses and stadiums have a historical feel that would make traveling a lot of fun. Agree or disagree?

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