Three Things I Hope to See vs. Bama

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Aritcle written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


img_20160925_201100 The Cats are playing a team that hasn't lost in 377 days and won four National Championships in eight years; it's difficult to expect a victory.  In 39 meetings, Kentucky has only claimed victories over the Crimson Tide in 1922 and 1997.  To write about "keys to victories" would be silly.  Here's my alternative.


A lot of fans proclaimed the defense's improvements are due to "effort," but I think Drew Franklin described it best on the KSR Football Podcast.  The defense played with fire.  You could feel the emotion emanating from all eleven players when they took the field vs. South Carolina. Even when things went wrong, that fire didn't fade away.  That wasn't the case against Florida.  I want to see a passionate group of football players laying it all out on the line.  Even if they are defeated on the scoreboard, I never want them to look or feel defeated.

No Big Plays

Alabama has a consortium of talent that is incomparable.  You're going to lose some one-on-ones; that happens.  If they get beat on a deep ball, so be it, but I cannot stand to see them beat themselves by making mental mistakes. There were times last week when the defense was in the right position, but they didn't execute.  I can live with that.  If they do the same against Alabama, the Tide will slowly and methodically roll; that happens. That didn't happen against Florida.  The defense didn't look like they knew what they were doing and it resulted in easy Florida touchdowns. If Kentucky limits Bama from making big plays, it will tell me this inexperienced defense is maturing into a disciplined unit, one that can be counted on in close games down the road.

One Good Drive

It doesn't sound like just much, but Alabama's defense is fantastic.  They will apply pressure everywhere.  Bad things will happen.  I want to see the offense respond with poise.  If they can piece together one solid scoring drive, I know they can do it against every other opponent they play this season. In reality, we should be grateful for any and all points Kentucky produces tonight.  Beggars can't be choosers.

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