Three Vanderbilt football players involved in shooting

Three Vanderbilt football players involved in shooting

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A couple of Vanderbilt defensive backs were shot Monday evening while trying to recover a teammate's stolen cell phone. Sophomore wide receiver Donaven Tennyson had his phone stolen during a meeting with a prospective buyer who saw Tennyson's phone listed online and arranged an exchange for the sell. The same phone was then re-listed on the same website later that night, which led to two of Tennyson's teammates, freshman safety Tae Daley and sophomore cornerback Frank Coppet, lending Tennyson a hand to help retrieve the phone. Together, the three Vandy football players met with the seller/thief in a Target parking lot. They brought a small pellet gun along with them to, in their words, "help get the phone back." When Coppet jumped out of Daley's vehicle with the pellet gun, a man returned fire with an actual gun and shot at all three. Daley suffered a noncritical gunshot wound to his leg and Coppet received noncritical birdshot wounds to his arms, according to ESPN. Vanderbilt released a statement saying, "Our foremost concern is the well-being of our students, but it appears their injuries are not life-threatening. The university is monitoring the situation and will determine if any action on the part of the university is appropriate." Moral of the story: Don't take pellet guns to any dealings where there may be real guns.

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