Three Wildcats on Chad Ford's First 2017 Mock Draft

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fox-bam-monk-highschool The 2016 NBA Draft was six weeks ago.  Is it too soon to start looking ahead to the 2017 NBA Draft?  It's never too soon for ESPN's draft expert, Chad Ford. Three new Wildcats aren't at the top of his big board, but the stock of all three newcomers starts in the lottery.

9. De'Aaron Fox

He's got size, quickness, aggressiveness on both ends of the court and looks like a promising playmaker.  He needs to get stronger and improve his jumper, but there are a lot of tools there that can make him successful in the NBA, especially on the defensive end.
Fox's aggressiveness will lead to some frustrating turnovers to start the season, but he should make up for it with highlight-worthy plays on the drive and in transition.

12. Bam Adebayo

"Bam" Adebayo already has the NBA body and athleticism that teams crave in their power forwards. He's an explosive athlete who plays with a great motor. He's going to be a rebounding and shot-blocking machine for Kentucky. However, his offensive game is still pretty raw. He really needs to develop some sort of perimeter game.
I don't know if the world is ready for Bam to develop a perimeter game.  If he does, I pity his defenders.

15. Malik Monk

Monk is an athletic freak and a big-time scorer. He's relentless at getting to the rim and his ballhandling abilities are strong enough that some teams believe he can play both the 1 and the 2 at the next level.
Ford said that one weakness in Monk's game is his jump shot, but I think the guy that won the McDonald's All-American Game Three Point contest has a pretty good jump shot. [Ford's Big Board 1.0]

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