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Did you know that Kevin Durant has a movie coming out tomorrow? Oh, you didn't know Kevin Durant was in a movie at all? Me neither. Now that I know though, I can't stop looking up information about it. I am 90% certain that our very limited number of releases in Kentucky will not allow us the chance to see this movie in theatre. I can promise you this though, I plan on buying the hell out of Thunderstruck in a discount bin for $5 in 10 years. I will then immediately use it for whatever "White Elephant"/gift exchange I attend next, making the person who gets it promise to invite me over for a viewing party. Are you sitting down? No, seriously, are you? Because what I am about to tell you might blow your mind more than if you just now found out that Kevin Durant is in a movie. Guess who else has a significant role in the movie Thunderstruck? One of our very favorite former Wildcats of all time here on KSR, Mark Krebs. Krebs has been working on his acting career for a while now, and this will be his big screen debut. Krebs plays one of Durant's teammates, described to Drew Franklin as a "benchwarmer." Krebs does have a big moment where he shouts something very motivational to the team in a huddle. Any guesses as to what the line might be? A huge congratulations to Mark Krebs for landing a part in the movie. Here's the plot according to tell me you aren't at least slightly amused/intrigued at the thought of this movie: When Brian, a hopelessly uncoordinated young fan magically switches talents with his hero (Kevin Durant, playing himself), he becomes the star of his high school team...while Kevin Durant suddenly can't make a shot to save his life. But with the playoffs approaching, Brian learns that being a true winner involves working hard at your own game, and he tries to make things right in time to prevent a catastrophic end to his hero's season. Here are some of the reviews... "I can't believe I was in a movie! With Kevin Durant!"- Brian "I can't believe I agreed to this movie. And who is Brian?" - Kevin Durant "They should have cast me for the lead role."- Russell Westbrook (on saving the Thunder's season) "Good try, good effort, Brian." - LeBron James   And now on to the notes of the day... -- The UK/UL game is 10 days away (or 9 depending on when you read this). If that doesn't get you excited, than I don't know what will. Bring on the college football weather. -- The big news out of the football camp today was the return to practice of running back Co'Shik Williams. Williams is close to 100% following a foot sprain, which is good because Joker Phillips said Williams will be the starting running back against Louisville next Saturday. -- The general consensus coming out of the past 19 days of intense practices is that everyone is relieved about the lack of major injuries on the team. Health was a huge concern at this point in time last season, with the loss of some exciting players before the season was under way. Other than at the running back position, depth is not a strength of this Kentucky team. The top players in each position remaining available is crucial to this team having a chance to reach their potential. -- Andy Staples of does not foresee a very good season for the Kentucky football team. I just can't imagine a scenario in which Kentucky goes blank in the win column during all SEC games. I just can't see it happening...Sorry. I think Pete Thamel and his new Sports Illustrated blazer had something to do with this...
-- Changing the pace a bit, everyone is quick to point the finger at John Calipari when it comes to his tendency to recruit players who end up staying in college for 1 year before turning into successful millionaires who reach their biggest dream in life. (what a jerk, huh?) People are not so quick to point the finger at one of the really positive things Calipari has made a strong effort to do in his time at Kentucky so far: welcoming players back/encouraging players to come back to finish their degrees. Calipari did it with Wayne Turner, and now he's doing it with Marquis Estill by way of also helping him break into the field of collegiate coaching. Estill, the former Wildcat will be joining Calipari's staff as an undergraduate assistant while finishing his degree. I know Wayne Turner and Marquis Estill are not the only 2 former players to ever come back to finish their degrees, but you can't deny that Calipari is making it a point to offer options similar to this to former players. Calipari makes a big deal about it too. This kind of stuff is just as important to him as some of the more high profile things he does... -- Calipari is also spear-heading an Alumni game event on September 15th in Rupp Arena. The game will start at 2:00 p.m. Tickets will be $20/$40/$100 and will go on sale on August 31st thru Ticketmaster and Rupp Arena. -- A few have voiced concern about the alumni game taking attention away from the home football game against Western Kentucky on the same day. The football game is scheduled to kick off at 7:00 p.m. and I simply don't see the conflict. If anything, the alumni game might bring some folks into town that afternoon who would consider sticking around for a football game later that evening. If UK wants fans in the seats for the WKU game, the best thing they can do is win against Louisville. -- Pete Thamel somehow never found the time to venture down to North Carolina. Unfortunately our favorite rising star in 2015, #1 prospect Karl Towns did find the time to make the trip. Towns is making his rounds in the "basketball triangle" area, with visits to NC State and North Carolina in the books and a visit to Duke up next. Just taking a wild guess here, but I'm thinking the North Carolina staff didn't have Towns sit in on any Swahili I classes while on his visit. Towns enjoyed his UNC visit because he got to play with some pros and present players in an open gym set-up. At NC State, Towns received an offer while also posing for a picture that strikes me as being a little bizarre. Can coaches have their picture taken like this with a recruit? And if so, how come we don't see them more often? Anyone? -- Xavier Rathan-Mayes will be taking an unofficial visit to Florida State next week (per Evan Daniels).  Kentucky and Florida State have both recently shown interest in Xavier Rathan-Mayes, one of the better perimeter shooters in the 2013 class, along with his teammate Andrew Wiggins. Something tells me that these 2 guys will wind up playing together, whether it be in the national championship game while wearing blue and white or in the "First Four" play-in game wearing garnet and gold. -- Xavier Rathan-Mayes will also be announcing his top 5 schools tomorrow according to his Twitter account. Cue all of Big Blue Nation searching for him on Twitter in 3 , 2 , 1 ... Kentucky is already in his top 10. -- took a survey among all the rookies, asking them who they favored to be the "top impact-maker" (does that wording sound weird to anyone else?). According to the survey results, the rookies agree with everyone else in the world with a pulse: Anthony Davis is going to be good. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist also received some love in another poll question.
Who will be the 2012-2013 Rookie of the Year? 1. Anthony Davis, New Orleans-- 47.1% 2. Damian Lillard, Portland -- 17.6% T-3. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Charlotte & Thomas Robinson, Sacramento -- 11.8% Which rookie is the best defender?  1. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist , Charlotte -- 28.6% 2. Anthony Davis, New Orleans -- 14.3%
-- The survey asked some other interesting questions to the rookies, including who they thought was the funniest in their draft class and what the biggest adjustment will be when transitioning into the NBA from college. Davis also topped the voting for the rookie most likely to have the best NBA career with 40.6% of the votes. -- While on the topic of Anthony Davis, Nerlens Noel doesn't want to be Anthony Davis. He wants to be Nerlens Noel, and he has brought up that fact once again to the media. In other news, Nerlens Noel's legs do not want to be Perry Stevenson's legs. They want to be Nerlen's Noel's legs. -- The rumors are swirling about a possible Sacramento Kings relocation to Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach, you know, the basketball hotbed... Rick Pitino/Yum Center contract, have I told you lately that I hate you? -- Two things regarding the following tweet, one for Jeff and one for Shabazz... Jeff: Ya think? Shabazz: Good luck filling that arena with all of those passionate fans...   - And last but not least, good luck to Josh Harrellson. Jorts worked out with the reigning NBA champion Miami Heat earlier today. Harrellson believes the workouts went well and hopes to hear within the next few days if he will find a spot on the Heat roster.

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