Tim Couch in Jaguar Regalia

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tim-couch.jpg Quick post for all of those that were wondering: A. Is Tim Couch in Training Camp yet? YES B. What does he look like in Jaguar colors? About the same, only in Jaguar colors C. Will he get to wear number 2? YES--begin preparing signs begging Jags coach Jack Of The River to "Turn the Deuce Loose" D. Will he wear a black sweatband on his right arm? YES and E. When he takes the field will he attempt to confuse the defense by wearing a full-length ball gown. Apparently NO Also, Happy Birthday to Tim as he turns 30 today. It was a well-known fact in Leslie County that he just missed (by hours) having an extra year of Little League Baseball as Little League's dividing line was August 1. If his moms had held on a little longer might we have seen Tim hurling fastballs?

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