Time to Get to Know the 2014 Prospects Vol. 1: Emmanuel Mudiay

Ally Tuckerover 8 years


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It's almost that time of year when the next batch of high profile John Calipari recruits become household names. If Emmanuel Mudiay, one of the best point guard prospects in the class of 2014, hasn't landed on your radar yet-- he surely will soon. Let's take a moment to get to know Emmanuel Mudiay a little bit better, shall we? Vital Signs: Emmanuel Mudiay Point Guard Dallas, Texas 6'4, 185 lbs. #2 ranked prospect in 2014 according to Rivals.com (h/t NBADraftNet.com)   "THE LIST":  Arizona, Baylor, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, NC State, Oklahoma State, SMU, St. John's, Texas   What They're Saying: Eric Bossi of Rivals.com: "A little up and down with his play in the spring, Mudiay is a big and athletic point guard known for his ability to make plays off the dribble and at the rim."   NBADraftNet.com: Strengths: "A true point guard, knows how to run a team, great size and will probably grow more. Great passer and playmaker, high IQ, can get in the lane at will. Long arms, quick feet, shows a desire to defend. Natural talent and feel are off the charts." Weaknesses: "Doesn't shoot as well off the dribble as he does spotting up, effort inconsistent, jumpshot needs to be more consistent." "Mudiay is a special talent that simply doesn't come along very often. Possibly the best 2014 prospect."   Scout.com: "Emmanuel Mudiay has been blessed with tremendous physical attributes for a lead guard. At 6-foot-3 (now 6'4), he has good size for the position, impressive athleticism, and the speed that makes it difficult for the opposition to stay in front. Mudiay can get to the rim and finishes well through contact. He's also developed his leadership and point guard skills. He sees the floor well, can pass and has improved decision making. He's an elite prospect."     What He's Saying about Kentucky: On Cal, "He's a great guy, a great coach. One of the best recruiters there is in the country. He does a good job with his point guards, and that's a big part that I really look into." "You're never going to go there and not think you can win the championship. A lot of people try to talk down on him because he's being really successful right now, but he doesn't talk bad about anybody. He worries about his program. He wants to develop his guys, and that's all he cares about." "And then I talk to Coach Calipari and you'd think we'd talk about how I can help Kentucky and basketball things like that, but we don't. He moreso talks about what I should want to be in life period. He tells me that I've got to know what my goals are for life; whether it's helping others or things like that. The thing I love about Coach Cal is that he's got a big heart. I'm the same way."   Former Calipari Player Comparison:   - Both had good size and exceptional athleticism for the point guard position - Both specialize in getting to the rim and finishing through contact - Super star potential - Good passer/Court vision   Reasons to Think Kentucky has a good chance: - Calipari's history with top point guard prospects and his success with putting them high in the NBA draft - Calipari has clearly already built a strong relationship with Mudiay, both basketball and non-basketball related - Calipari has made Mudiay a top priority in the class of 2014, and we know what usually happens when Cal makes someone a priority.   Reasons to worry if you're a Kentucky fan: - It might be tough to get Mudiay out of Texas with a number of home state schools in the thick of things with the process. - Mudiay is high on the schools close to home, such as Baylor, "Baylor, that's down the street. Basically about an hour and 15 minutes away from me." - Tyus Jones and Emmanuel Mudiay are unlikely to play together. Jones is likely a package deal with another Kentucky top target, Jahlil Okafor. Something's gotta give...   Reading the Tweet Leaves/Tweet Beat Potential The good: (We know Kentucky fans will show him the love if he joins the Big Blue Nation) (Fraternizing with Andrew Harrison) (He would get along great with Kyle Wiltjer...) (He's already a card-carrying member of #TeamNoSleep)   The bad: (We'd rather you not...) (Not good if the Texas native decides to stay close to home)     Final Judgement/How bad do we want him?: I think Kentucky will make the Final 3 for Emmanuel Mudiay, and Calipari does well when he has to close the deal with top prospects. Kentucky will be right there until the end, that much can be expected. On a scale of Ryan Harrow to John Wall on how bad do we want this guy?... John Wall

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