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Fred The BakerFred the Baker wants you to get your morning started right. Good morning everyone! Big day ahead as your UK Swimming and Diving team takes on Indiana. Also, UK's Women's Gymnastics team is set to meet up with Ball State later on in the day. If we can squeeze in anything else, I hear there is a basketball game being played around lunch time. No promises, though. For my money, you can't get enough coverage of forward approach crow hops off a springboard into a free position that results in a rip entry. Let's digest some links. - Ed Davender appeared in Fayette Circuit Court on Friday and pled not guilty to running a ticket scam. - Keeping with the legal news theme, UK filed its response to James Paxton's lawsuit yesterday afternoon. I'm not quite sure what to make of this story. At first, I thought Paxton was being vindictive and petty, but after reading this article I'm not so sure. It might be a kid that got roped into a confusing situation and is now trying to clarify everything before further damage is done. Either way, it seems like UK is handling it with some class. UK states that, "James Paxton’s scholarship money and status on the team has never been in jeopardy. . .he was, is and will continue to be a member of the University of Kentucky baseball team." - In football news, UK's Offensive Line Coach, Jimmy Heggins, is a finalist for the National Offensive Line Coach of the Year Award. I think the O-line has done an outstanding job this year and Heggins deserves some pub for it. Fans can vote for the award here. Let's show the power of KSR and put Jimmy over the top. - Switching to men's basketball, it seems that Roy Williams has a rather thin skin. Williams is upset that former recruit Delvin Roe changed his mind on a verbal to UNC and now plays for Michigan State. Tom Izzo was none to happy with some of Roy's comments regarding the situation. Says Izzo, "he picked the wrong kid, he picked the wrong family and he picked the wrong program. And there’ll be a time. There’ll be a time.” I was never a huge Izzo fan, but stuff like this can win a guy over. Williams has stated he intends to talk to Izzo privately to clarify his statements. I hope Izzo brings a folding chair to that meeting and gets his NWO on. - UNC is going to see our Lebron affiliation and raise us their association with Michael Jordan. The Tar Heels will be donning new kicks for the game today. Here are the pics of these powder blue atrocities. - The Cats Pause has a break down of the UNC players. I had totally forgotten about the time Ramon Harris broke Tyler Zeller's wrist. I'm not sure what is more gruesome: Breaking your wrist or having to look at Roy Williams' tie. It looks like the design was lifted from an early 1990's Trapper Keeper. - Chris Diggs over at the Courier-Journal predicts a win for the Wildcats as well as pointing to this game as the reason UK hired Cal. Well. That and the great pizza discounts. - Apparently, the Cousins "I'm not impressed" quote made the rounds. One Tar Heel fan (warning: site contains copious amounts of baby blue) posts quotes of Boogie giving his opponent more overt respect. - If you missed it last night, Matt Jones (via Twitter) stated that there is a strong possibility that Lebron James will be at the game today. Other sites are hinting that he might be the "Y". Of course, the game today is carried on CBS at 12:30 EST. Your announcers are Ian Eagle and Clark Kellogg. We will have coverage and updates all day as well as a chatroom setup during the game. This is a big day for the Cats, so go get your donut on and get ready.

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