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sweaterguys The John Wall Dance is spreading and it has taken the nation by storm. You have the celebrities like Courtney Cox and Brad Paisley and then you have the real fans sending in the pictures. We get a ton from fans everywhere doing the Wall dance in strange places and wearing strange outfits. This apparently took place at a bad sweater party and for some reason it struck me as funny. I wonder if John Wall saw these guys doing "his" dance, what he would say. I do know that either way, Boogie would join in and I wouldnt put it past him to own a sweater that looks similar. Some notes.... --- Calipari was in a relatively giddy mood when he spoke to the media, and one would think he had not a care in the world. He talked about the week he has had in practice and how it will be to coach against Arkansas on Saturday. He was asked if it was odd that he would be coaching against a guy who has his jersey in the rafters and Cal responded by saying he didnt know. But then he followed with, ""Pitino's in this building, too. He took an L." I must say that I love when Calipari gets in the little volleys on Pitino...highly entertaining. --- Calipari also spent today talking to the model of efficiency that is the Kentucky legislature. Calipari got honored for the Haiti work and then gave a speech to the assembled Legislature that can be seen below. Multiple report say that legislators lined up to shake Calipari's hand and that he was the obvious star of the show today in Frankfort. In similar news, Pitino spoke at a local Perkins restaurant and was unnoticed. --- As we get ready for the Hogs, most talk has been about Rotnei Clarke. Beisner noted an interesting statistic today, which is that in his career, Clarke has taken 487 shots, 345 of which are three pointers. That is an unfathomably large percentage and I would venture to say is one of the highest in major college basketball. The lesson? Make him take you off the dribble. --- A source tells me that Calipari worked the team as hard as he has seen on Thursday and that it was a crazy intense practice. Calipari wants to see better effort from some players, and according to the source, Darnell Dodson was a particular target of his attention. This team so needs Dodson's three point shooting, but until he improves his defense even a little bit, he simply cant play. It is up to him to show that effort. --- Some good stuff from our friend Tom Leach today. At this link, Tom has an interview with John Pelphrey, in which he talks about his Kentucky ties and what it is like to come and coach against his former school. In addition, he has some good clips from the Calipari press conference as well. --- The Good Doctor Jerry Tipton reports tonight that Zach Peters of the Class of 2012 and Julius Randall of the Class of 2013 are both visiting for the Arkansas game. Both are 6'8" at such a young age and come from the state of Texas. --- It is a HUGE football recruiting weekend, headlined by a visit from 4 star DT Mike Thorton from Stone Mountain, Georgia. Three of Thorton's teammates have already committed to UK and there is no question that Thorton is the star piece to the Stone Mountain puzzle. If Joker could somehow lock him up, it would make a class that has had some struggles, all of a sudden look much better. Big weekend, with lots of players on campus. Time to lock it up. We will have full game coverage all day, as we go calling the Hogs. I will have a LIVE BLOG of the game beginning at 3:30 pm here on the site and coverage all day and night. Stay tuned and get ready to stop the Courtney and Rotnei show.

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