TITLE Boxing Club Wants Afternoon Notes and Podcast

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You're looking at a photo of Ryan Lemond and me after our Friday morning workout at TITLE Boxing Club in Lexington. Our friend Larry Cory put us through an hour of work on the heavy bags, right before we went on the air for KSR this morning. Matt, Ryan and I have been working out at TITLE with Josh Harper for a couple of weeks now and we're really enjoying the exercise, especially when we call out the names of people we don't like as we pound the bags. I'm sure you can guess a few of them. If you're one of those people who need to work out but are bored by gyms and running around the block, TITLE is a fun way to burn some calories -- and you'll burn a lot of them. You'll work off around 1,000 calories in the Power Hour classes while blowing off some built up steam with the punches. The best part is you go at your own pace, so there's no pressure to be a hero. Check out the TITLE Facebook page for more info and we hope to see you out there sometime. Ryan would love to show you how good he is at crunches with a 12-pound medicine ball. Those are his favorite. To the notes... --- Coach Cal met with the media this afternoon in his first press conference since the Nerlens Noel news was announced. He said this team has a clean slate to be whatever they want to be in these remaining seven regular season games. "It's a blank canvas," he said. He thinks they'll be able to make up for the offense and rebounding with Nerlens gone, but the blocked shots and interior defense is where they'll struggle.  But we didn't need Coach Cal to tell us that. It's going to be very apparent when the Cats take on the Vols tomorrow afternoon in Knoxville. --- Cal called Tennessee a grind-it, tough, physical defensive team that'll be confident heading into the game. He expects them to go right at Kentucky in the post to see what the new look Cats are made of. --- He still won't give in 100% to playing a zone defense, even now when it seems like that's the best option. When asked if a zone defense is what they'll use going forward, Cal said, "Maybe. We’re prepared for it. That’s not why we did all this time, but we’re absolutely prepared to play it and play it for long stretches if we want to." He's going to wait and see what kind of an impact Nerlens Noel really had on the games defensively before he gives up on man defense. --- You can watch the entire press conference below: --- Willie Cauley-Stein was also available to the media to discuss his new role on the team. He said his knee is ready to go, but he doesn't think his conditioning is where it needs to be. Cauley-Stein said he needs to be mentally strong and keep battling to fight off this new pressure on his shoulders. "I like proving people wrong," he said of the doubters. "We don't have a target on our back anymore. People are already writing us off, so now we can be the aggressor." --- In KSR news, Matt Jones appears to be having fun in Indianapolis at Bracket Camp: Matt Jones, the People's Mock Selection Committee Member. --- On this morning's radio show, Ryan Lemond and I filled in for Jones and brought on Mary Jo Perino to help us get through the show.  Have a listen at TalkRadio1080.com.

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