TMZ caught Cameron Reddish with LeBron James and his agent

TMZ caught Cameron Reddish with LeBron James and his agent

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Last week TMZ tracked down LeBron James outside a Los Angeles coffee shop to ask him about his future in the NBA after free agency next summer. James would not comment. But what's more interesting in the video, at least to us, is the cameo by Cameron Reddish, who is seen leaving the coffee shop with James and Rich Paul, who is James' agent and the founder of Klutch Sports Group. It's a very brief cameo and hard to make out, but Gary Parrish over at confirmed it was indeed Reddish leaving a meeting with the NBA star and his agency at Coral Tree Coffee. It's safe to assume what's happening here: Paul and his agency are already recruiting Reddish with the assistance of James. That is within NCAA rules, surprisingly, as long as it's only a meeting and Reddish paid for his own coffee, per Parrish's story:
There is no NCAA rule prohibiting prospects from meeting with agents. It's allowed, as one NCAA source explained, "as long as the agent isn't providing a benefit to the prospect -- and the prospect hasn't agreed to be represented by the agent." So there is nothing necessarily improper happening in that TMZ video. But it does offer a glimpse into two things: 1: How James seems to play an active role with Klutch Sports Group. 2: How early elite basketball prospects are targeted by sports agents and agencies. []
Reddish recently trimmed his list of colleges to Kentucky, Duke, UCLA, UConn and Villanova. He's a projected top-five pick in the 2019 draft, so it should come as no surprise that NBA agents are already contacting him. What's surprising to me is that it isn't a violation. Read lots more about agents contacting high school prospects and how LeBron lends a hand here.

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