Today in the UNC Academic Scandal...

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


25965357 It's hard to believe it's been a year since word broke about the UNC academic scandal and to this day, nothing has been done about it. Allegations of no-show classes, grade inflation, heavy-handed tutors, and more have clouded the Tarheels basketball and football team's reputation, but without solid proof, the NCAA's hands were tied. Until now, perhaps. The Raleigh News Observer has uncovered damning emails between Julius Nyang'oro, the former head of the UNC African studies department, which is the center of the scandal, and various members of the academic support staff with offers for football tickets, sideline passes, and more seemingly in exchange for no-show classes, money, and favors. Of course, the problem with emails is that it's hard to determine the tone, whether it be serious, humorous or sarcastic, but there are some very incriminating passages. From the Raleigh News Observer's recap:
In one email from September 2009, Cynthia Reynolds, a former associate director who oversaw academic support for football players, told Nyang’oro in an email that “I hear you are doing me a big favor this semester and that I should be bringing you lots of gifts and cash???????”
There are also emails concerning a class entitled "Seminar in Afro-American Studies" with only two students enrolled (one an athlete) that fits the profile of a no-show class. If you're into emoticons and have some extra time, definitely give the emails a look. Odds Mark Emmert and the NCAA decide to take the bait?

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