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volwalk Yesterday was one of the best days in college football history. Auburn came back from 24-0 down to take out Alabama and preserve the potential for yet another SEC National Champion. Then, in a game that went until 2 in the morning, Boise State lost to Nevada after fate shot a kicker in Reno just to watch him die. With Boise State's kicker missing two gimme field goals, we were able to end the happiness for Pat Forde and all Boise State supporters as order was restored in the BCS. It was one of those days where history was made and where streaks were ended forever. I loved watching the games and thought throughout that maybe it was an omen...that this was a weekend where great wins become possible and history is to be made. Above is the site of our moment of history. Drew Franklin stuck into Neyland Stadium last night and put a hex on the Vols that hopefully will last all day. UK has had the ball inside the 50 yard line needing a touchdown to win, in each of the last four years versus the Vols. This year the Cats hopefully will have the exact same chance once again...and this year we have to do it. Randall Cobb will make the play...right? He has to...its time for it to end. LIVE BLOG on here around noon...lets make it happen.

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